Well it was another slow weekend. Had 4 doe and hay patch before dawn saturday. watched a slick six chase doe early then showed up by himself and gave me a good look but was to close on width to take a shot. the past few weekends I have observed work being done on the neaighbors house wich is about 200 yrds from my blind. Saturday afternoon as I get in my blind I see a truck with a 4 wheeler in the back. Then I notice a guy in full camo. wtched him walk out to a big oak were I observe deer almost every hunt and was wondering if he may get busted. Well he crawled on his hands and knees out to this tall weed or short bush on a fence post and observed him glassing up the field where I could not see. He ended up with 9 doe and fawn within 40 yds. rather surprised. I went and met him when he walked back to his truck and we traded information. Looks like the families that own the propoerty have givin him permision to hunt. Know the local hunting pressure is a bit much for my area as the old farmer across the county rd hunt aprox. 150 acres. this guy is hunting 80 acres and I am on 35 acres. I have only ever seen 1 legal buck each season so my odds are going down. Wish I had a few spikes so I could at least get a little venison for the freezer. He stated he was going to look into MLD for the property by joining a coop. Do any of you have any experiance with this? frown

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