I'm looking for a lease close to ft worth. I'm hoping for no more then two hours away.I have three boys under ten an I wanta start teaching them how to hunt.looking from a camp site with electric water.cabin would be perfect. Intrested in whitetail. Hogs.turkey. an dove. I have blinds.trpiods. protien feeders.a ATV.I'm a rifle an bow hunter. I'm not expecting everything.I'm asking just asking for something close.
I'm currently in a lease with to many people on it.I'm having issues with. Tresspassing. Game cams get tampered. Forced to lock up.
Please pm me at rollnss@yahoo.com

I'm intrested in something for a long run. food plots an wildlife management.
Oh yes. Looking for lease I can come an go all year round. Ill obey all tpwd laws an restrictions.please let me know what you have for the money an we can go from their.