So my dove arrangements for this year have fallen appart. The real issue is that my son is asking to go with me and I don't want to miss the opportunity to get him out in the field for the first time. He is 7 and will NOT be hunting. He has been shooting his BB gun for 2 years and following all of my safety rules to the letter (he checks that safety every time he picks it up), but he isn't ready just yet to shoulder a shotgun. He understands this, and just wants to get out there with me. As I mentioned, I don't want to miss the opportunity, but I also want to take him somewhere safe. We live in Prosper (35 miles north of Dallas) and would like some place within an hour or so. I would pay for a full day if necessary, but he will probably only last an afternoon. He has football on Saturday mornings, so we probably wouldn't get there until sometime after lunch. I don't need anything opening weekend, and really don't want to worry about the crowds with him out there. Would love to keep it between $50 and $100. If anyone could could help a dad out I would appreciate it.