I am interested in becoming an Ag teacher and attended a Purina Mills feed expo last night and found out some useful information that will hopefully help on these lingering questions.

Flex corn is the genetically altered corn fuel companies use to make the ethanol flex fuel. The only real difference that effects the deer is it has a significantly higher amount of starch.

Purina Mills also makes a "complete feed" substitute to be used in these harsh conditions we are in. It contains a large amount of soybean with cracked corn. It has the nutrients that the deer need they get from green forage that is hard to find right now with these harsh conditions.

Quick draw is there new line of deer attractant. I dont know how good it actually is but if anyone uses it please post on how it does.

I hope this info helps out . Who knows, with everything Purina is engineering we will be seeing a "water substitue" before long. haha i wish!

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