I have a good friend in New Mexico that wants to sell a few deer hunts on his ranch again this year.  Hunting on the ranch mainly consists of still hunting and stalking large alfalfa fields.  This is a diy type hunt.  He is a rancher and does not have a lot of free time.  He will show you around and turn you loose to hunt.  I can help guide you some if needed  There is a really good mixture of mule deer and whitetail.  Mule deer range from 130-180 and most whitetail are 140-170.  He wants $3500 for a 170-179 class buck.  Price goes up or down $500 for every 10 inches.  Example: 140-149 Is $2000, 180-189 is $4000.   Should have close to 100% shot opportunity on a decent buck.  Bow season is sept 1-22.  You will be the only deer hunters on the ranch.  There may be some elk hunters but they will not affect the deer hunting much.  There are several hotels within 10 miles.  The ranch is located in cimarron, nm.  Pm for pics or text me at 940-867-0625.