I play in a band that plays songs about texas life. Recently a song I wrote called "The Whiskey" was honored as song of the year by the Academy of Texas Music. The website is poorjbrown.com if ya'll wanna give it a listen. Anyway I was asked to write a song to be the theme song for an upcoming hunting show. It's called "The Seasons of My Life." Its about living from one hunting season to the next, instead of the traditional winter, spring, summer and fall. If anyone wants to offer some life lessons, stories, fatherly advice or anything that conveys the beauty and serenity of hunting I'd love to take them and include them in the song. When finished I'll post a link so THFers can download it for free. Then when the show hits the airwaves you can say you helped write it. My only disclaimer is that it don't pay and that it's a family show so please keep that in mind.
Thanks guys