Mike Leggett, Commentary AAS

I'll be honest. I wasn't prepared to like Chris Parish. At the very least, I knew I'd question his data.

I was wrong.

As supervisor of the Peregrine Fund's Condor Field Project in Arizona, Parish is the source of a considerable stack of data linking spent and fragmented lead bullets to lead poisoning in California condors in Arizona.

For the uninitiated, the lead bullets and shot used by most hunters and the endangered California condor are on opposite ends of a long-running life-and-death debate over whether lead should be regulated or banned.

I'm a lifelong hunter and angler who still uses lead for doves. Parish and his folks say condors eat the lead, and it kills them.

So when I called him, I wasn't expecting to talk with a guy who is an avid hunter and angler. I wasn't expecting to talk with someone who believes his project has been adversely affected by people who have used Peregrine data to support an anti-hunting/anti-fishing agenda.

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