The next step is framing up the windows and adding the roof. At this point, you can put your chair in there and see exactly what height you want your windows.
I usually make mine a 9" x 24" opening. Plexiglass can be bought in 20" width, so I can rip that into 10" pieces...perfect for covering the 9" opening.
I used to make one long window across the front, but now I'm convinced that spliting them into two separate windows is better.
This time I also moved the windows closer to the front...8" from the front, 16" from the back. It gives you some room to "hide" in the back part of the blind, so you're not silouted in the side windows.

The seam where the half and full pieces connect on the sides, also needs a verticle piece on the inside.

The frames of the windows can be cut and then glued together before you put them in the stand, or you can put them together inside the stand piece by piece.

The pieces along the top edge of the ends will need to be cut at the matching angle to meet the corners correctly.

The pieces along the top on the sides will have an angle ripped to match also.

More to come in part 4