Mouflon Meat

Posted by: Thundervee

Mouflon Meat - 12/31/09 08:46 AM

I got my first mouflon and was wondering whats the best way to have the meat done.. I know he ain't a monster but I am proud of this guy!!

Posted by: Earl

Re: Mouflon Meat - 12/31/09 09:34 AM

Looks like a nice ram to me. If you do a search on this board you'll find a number of threads on rams and their edible quality. I'm afraid most say they aren't too good.

I'll be honest. After reading all the comments on this board about how bad they taste when my son and I took two rams this fall I gave the meat away.

But the consensos seemed to be that if you do eat the meat they are good for tamales (what isn't). If I were to keep one I'd also probably try jerky - again something else that when done right I think works with about anything.


Posted by: txtrophy85

Re: Mouflon Meat - 12/31/09 10:56 AM

where'd you get teh ram at?

Posted by: Thundervee

Re: Mouflon Meat - 12/31/09 04:36 PM

We have 106 ac's in west texas I shot it off there

Posted by: txtrophy85

Re: Mouflon Meat - 12/31/09 04:55 PM

thats cool, way to go!

out towards rocksprings/barksdale?

Posted by: Thundervee

Re: Mouflon Meat - 12/31/09 05:04 PM

Yepper in between rocksprings and del rio, thanks for the reply's

Posted by: Driller

Re: Mouflon Meat - 12/31/09 06:28 PM

I killed one in May and we caped him to be mounted and the smell was bad and I mean real bad.

Posted by: Thundervee

Re: Mouflon Meat - 12/31/09 09:17 PM

Really??? this one smelled ok and I try everything I shoot, might like it might not, but you never know if ya dont try it, I dropped it off today I'm just gonna have pan sausage ,chili meat and stew meat made, we'll see .. I'll let ya know...

Posted by: DustinsProjects

Re: Mouflon Meat - 01/03/10 07:33 PM

Nice Ram! I had a Texas Dall that I shot last month processed into fresh Jap./Cheese link sausage and breakfast sausage and it turned out WONDERFUL! I am not kidding. I had a Catalina Goat done the same way last spring. I take it to a butcher by Ft. Hood in Killeen named Cosper's Meat Market. I swear it tastes like venison or pork sausage.

My thought would be to take it to someone who has done a sheep or goat before. Don't get anything that is dried or smoked like jerky. Chances are that it won't dry out like venison will. That is my experience. I tried to make jerky one time out of a ram and I can still taste it... I would lean towards grinding everything though. I never waste meat off of an animal I personally shoot and I have been blessed to find a good processor who knows what to do with it. I think this guy could make shoe leather taste good!

Good luck and happy new year!

Posted by: cuttinreds

Re: Mouflon Meat - 01/03/10 09:08 PM


Posted by: moderno

Re: Mouflon Meat - 01/03/10 09:15 PM

Judging from the size of his nuts, he should have been a little funky smelling. I've BarBQued a few before, but not a male that big, and they were great eating.

Posted by: devildog28

Re: Mouflon Meat - 01/03/10 11:56 PM

I some backstraps from a TX dall that tasted really well. but it was very young. The mouflon I shot tasted ok but I wouldn't eat it again unless it was mixed with sausage etc.

Posted by: Rickey Hunt

Re: Mouflon Meat - 01/07/10 10:14 PM

Mouflon type rams like this ram may taste alright. Pure Mouflon taste much better than other rams do. All other rams I make into hamburger. Pure Mouflon we chicken fry the backstraps.

Posted by: Big Red 12

Re: Mouflon Meat - 01/18/10 02:15 AM

We have a few on our place and I mainly give the meat away.

Posted by: crazyal

Re: Mouflon Meat - 01/19/10 12:11 PM

I have been told that Mouflon is the best goat/ram you could eat. I have never eaten it myself though. I would think if auodad breakfast sausage can turn out good mouflon would too.

Posted by: Stump_jumper

Re: Mouflon Meat - 01/19/10 12:17 PM

Tastes like sheep. If you like sheep you might like it.

Posted by: don k

Re: Mouflon Meat - 01/19/10 01:51 PM

Put the right seasoning on a shoe, boil it for a couple of days and you could probably eat it.

Posted by: Txnrog

Re: Mouflon Meat - 01/20/10 04:27 PM

Nice crossed sheep. Mouflon are a little better than the crossed sheep because they have less fat. The mutton flavor is stronger in the fat. Lots of people around the world live off mutton, but I'm not a huge fan. If you try cooking it like you would a venison steak, you'll be disappointed. If you do it in a heavily spiced sauce like carne guisada, adobada, or indian food, it's covers up alot of the strong flavor.

Posted by: txtrophy85

Re: Mouflon Meat - 01/20/10 04:36 PM

how can you tell its crossed?

its it because its alot bigger body wise than a pure blood or because the horns are flaring out like a corsican?

Posted by: don k

Re: Mouflon Meat - 01/20/10 08:49 PM

I did not want to say anything sooner, but a true mouflon the widest part of his horns are not the tips. Also the tail is no longer than 6 inches.

Posted by: txtrophy85

Re: Mouflon Meat - 01/20/10 09:49 PM

Originally Posted By: don k
I did not want to say anything sooner, but a true mouflon the widest part of his horns are not the tips. Also the tail is no longer than 6 inches.

i think its classified as a mouflon type sheep in the record books.

a pure mouflon will have heart shaped horns, not flaired out like a corsicans.

still neat to shoot it free range though

Posted by: Txnrog

Re: Mouflon Meat - 01/21/10 03:53 PM

If you've looked at a number of pure mouflon, it's pretty easy to tell at least until you get into the 7/8ths mouflon range. Size, Coloration, amount of wool v. hair, tail length, and of course horns.

Pure mouflon can turn out at the tips, but it typically doesn't occur until the horns are close to the eyes, and then only on exceptional animals - essentially they are close to the head under the chin, then may turn out a little bit as they come up. Crosses typically flair at the bottom turn of the horns.

I don't like using just the horns as the measuring stick as there is significant variability in the horn configurations of pure and crossed mouflon-type sheep. That ram is far too light colored for this time of year, and has too much wool in his hide to be much more than 2/3 mouflon, probably less.

Posted by: txtrophy85

Re: Mouflon Meat - 01/21/10 08:36 PM

sent you a pm roger