Discreet PP, CashApp, USPS MO accepted.

Details: turned down bolt handle, crowned and threaded muzzle, Rock Solid Industries scope mount, AMAZING Timney trigger, Archangel stock with 10rd and 2x 5rd mags, cheap 4-16x scope. ***SOLD*** $600 shippped to your door within Texas.

Savage Axis originally in .223. Green Mountain barrel blank profiled, chambered and headspaced by a local smith who builds and shoots long-range competition guns. .223 bolt face opened up by same smith. Snyder 15-round .223 magazine (holds 13- 5.45 rounds), also comes with factory 4-round removable box mag. Some kind of fancy muzzle device from a brand I can't remember, it was like $75 though. Feeds and fires without a problem. Shoots commercial 5.45 all day long, and one of the two surplus rounds I tried out. The other surplus ammo was getting light strikes about 90% of the time. I already added a heavier spring, but I'm sure there's room for more improvement on that.

Spam cans- These are for pickup in Corpus Christi only unless you can make it REALLY easy for me to ship!

7n6- $225/can or $400/case (have 5 cans)
7.62x54R $125/can or $225/case (have 3 cans)
7.62x39 Chinese steel core, 550-rd can, I think it's the stuff that's on stripper clips. $250