I'm looking for a decent digital night vision scope for pig pluckin.
I have gun(s) to trade. Looking for a fair trade, $ for $.
I have a couple pristine 22 rifles. Also have a few other firearms I could part with. These are first choice to trade though.

Located in Aubrey, Texas. Near Denton. But I do have a truck and can drive legally so Im not stuck here.

1. CZ 452 American GONE

2. Thompson Center 22 Classic Semi auto, Open True Glow Style Fiber Opt Sights,(I may have extra mag or two) not 100% sure, This rifle looks new as well. Value $400 may have the factory box for this one too.

3. Mossberg 715t, 22 cal, looks like an ar15. No pic of it at moment. $200

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