Cali is an 8 month old weighing 40-45 pounds. She's very energetic, loves retrieving and loves affection. She's also not a washout and will make someone a great hunt test or hunting dog. She's currently running land marks out to about 100-125 yards and water marks out to about 75 yards. She's had the following training; OB, CC, FF, and is currently working on FTP. She's been shot over (with poppers), been in a dog blind, on a dog stand, worked in and around decoys on land & water. For more info please call or text the number below.

Sire - NAFC FC AFC Texas Troubador "Tubbs"
Dam - MGM Night of the Living Dead "Zombie" SH (now has 3 Master passes)
Kevin Buckley
Castile Creek Kennels South