SOLD It's finally time for this rifle to leave the safe. My mother in law bought it when she decided she wanted her own rifle to kill pigs. She thought the AR was cliche and 5.56 was too small. After determining my .243 with a 24" barrel was too much recoil and blast, she decided the FNAR was not for her and gave it to me. The same gunsmith who talked her into that also talked her into a Ruger LCP. She hated it and sold the thing at the range on first day she fired it. The gunsmith is a loser who oversold an old lady with arthritic hands. Just my opinion, I could be wrong. Anyway, my kids thought they wanted it, they don't. I have other guns and never saw a need to get this one dirty. It has all the butt pads, comb adjustment shims and cheek rests that come from the factory. It comes with a ten and twenty round magazine. The ten round magazine might have been used for the factory test fire, the twenty rounder is still in the plastic. This rifle has only been fired at the factory. It also comes with the factory hard case.

There are three 1913 rail sections at toward the front of the grip that'll work great for lights. The section on the bottom also has a sling mount so you could use a standard Harris bipod or one that attaches to the rail.

Yes, that is my bathroom mat. It's hard to take a pick of something that's entirely black and my bathroom had the best light this morning!

I'm looking to get $1100 cash. The only trades I'd be interested in are a Springfield Armory TRP (or equivalent), possibly a Scorpion EVO 3 carbine and a Gen II Sig MPX (9mm, any barrel length). Would also consider a Sig P226 or P229 Legion (9mm). We can go +/- cash as necessary.

Please no shipping. I'll meet at the police substation off Jones Maltsberger near McAllister Park or the Bass Pro out I10.



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Steve Moore, aka fastliberator, stole $165 from me. $160 on a bounced check and $5 on what my bank charged me. Said he'd make it right, then never contacted me again.