I had someone "borrow" most of my back country gear back in December. Since I don't expect them to ever return my stuff I've been doing some shopping lately. I've already replaced the packs, sleeping bags and pads, cooking kits and other items. Now I have to decide on a shelter.

I had a REI 2 person, double wall tent that was great to sleep in but was heavy and bulky to carry. My second tent was a MSR 2 person, single wall that was great to carry but never very comfortable to sleep in and didn't handle bad weather well. Now I'm trying to find a shelter that has plenty of room, packs down into a small package and is as light as practically possible. I also want one tent that works year round so I don't need a second one for the summer.

I have narrowed the search down to the Seek Outside LBO & Vestibule and the Mountain Laurel Duomid XL. Since I don't really want to drive to Virginia or Colorado, I can't look at these before I buy one.

I'm looking for some pros/cons on each tent from people that have used them before;
How well do they handle the weather (wind, rain, snow)?
Do they allow enough ventilation without having to pitch the sides off the ground or leave a door partially open?
How easy/hard are they to set up and take down?
Are they practical when the weather gets really warm?
How well will they hold up to use?

Any real world experience or advice would be a huge help.