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#7017382 - 12/30/17 05:12 PM Frustrated Customer - Browning Maxus
Do-Nothin Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 12/12/17
Posts: 9
If this is the wrong place for such a rant, please move. I have a browning Maxus that is a few years old and has by far, been my favorite gun to date. It's a killer. I had to send it back to Browning a few weeks into Duck season this year due to the soldering breaking apart from the barrel where the ring slides over that magazine tube. I have spoken to a few gunsmiths who reassured me that this should be taken care of by Browning at no cost to me, and heard the same thing from a service representative on the phone explaining that "that shouldn't happen to a browning." This issue is crippling to my gun for the remainder of duck season, but more than anything, they want me to foot the bill for a barrel replacement..

I have an issue with a few things..

First - I am a "browning fan." This is discouraging to me as a loyal customer. I have light 12's and belgium made 16's that have never had a problem. I buy Browning with confidence and preach how awesome they are when I get a chance. I feel as though a "reputable company," such as Browning, should step up when something is wrong.

Second - I have never needed Browning's assistance with anything. This problem has not come as a result of negligence or excessive abuse. I have had two gunsmiths not touch it because it appears to be a "factory issue." The one time I need Browning to step up to the plate to fix an issue that I believe to be faulty from the factory, I get a bill for a barrel replacement for $340. Not only do I get to replace the barrel, the replacements only are offered in 30". So, not only can I can pay $340 to fix a problem that appears to be faulty from the factory, but I'll be getting a gun back with a 30" barrel back.

I hope I am not totally off base here. As a loyal Browning customer, I am extremely frustrated to find out that my brand of choice refuses to stand up for their product and replace a barrel that is not a product of misuse, but rather, a factory problem. Does anyone have any suggestions, or points of contact? I would even love to speak with some gunsmiths in NTX who might be able to fix my problem, as, I would rather spend my money with them. I hope the issue can be resolved, however, this may be my last Browning.

**This is not my first post, I forgot my login info and had to create a new name!**

#7017398 - 12/30/17 05:28 PM Re: Frustrated Customer - Browning Maxus [Re: Do-Nothin]
Sneaky Offline
The "Grouch"

Registered: 10/22/12
Posts: 19046
Loc: Winters
Iím a Browning fan, too, but Iíve heard a lot of bad things about their customer service.

#7017403 - 12/30/17 05:34 PM Re: Frustrated Customer - Browning Maxus [Re: Do-Nothin]
JCB Online   content
THF Celebrity

Registered: 02/06/07
Posts: 23648
Loc: M.I.A.
I was a loyal Browning fan for about 18 years. It ended the first time I had to deal with their customer service.
Countless phone calls and a year later my issue was resolved but it was to late. I wouldn't whiz on Browning if they were on fire now.

#7017756 - 12/30/17 10:08 PM Re: Frustrated Customer - Browning Maxus [Re: Do-Nothin]
fgdn Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 12/10/06
Posts: 1602
Loc: TX

cant go wrong buying a B gun, ya da, ya da, ya da.


end of the day, they should fix. but it is probably going to be awhile for it to get done
good luck
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#7017767 - 12/30/17 10:16 PM Re: Frustrated Customer - Browning Maxus [Re: Do-Nothin]
patriot07 Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 11/06/11
Posts: 2564
Loc: Royse City, TX
I had to call them about a Browning Gold Fusion awhile back and they said, "We won't support that model anymore - your gun was made in 2003 and it's 14 years old."

I couldn't believe it. I asked how long they think a gun with a lifetime warranty is supposed to response. They ended up sending me a part that didn't fit, because they apparently they put multiple types of fiber optic sights on those guns. But they did it at no charge and they were friendly after that. But I only got the part I need after doing tons of research and finding a replacement on my own time.

#7017790 - 12/30/17 10:43 PM Re: Frustrated Customer - Browning Maxus [Re: Do-Nothin]
Cass Online   content
Bird Dog

Registered: 12/17/07
Posts: 341
Loc: Arlington


Did they explain why they won't cover the repair or replacement?


#7017876 - 12/31/17 01:07 AM Re: Frustrated Customer - Browning Maxus [Re: Do-Nothin]
kry226 Offline

Registered: 01/11/09
Posts: 5506
Loc: Germany
I own a Browning Gold and used to have an A-Bolt. Outside of a couple jams with mixed shells loaded at the same time, the shotgun has been flawless (the A-Bolt was too). If I get that kind of "customer service" from Browning should this shotgun have similar issues, I will melt it down into a boot jack before I let them send me a bill for correcting their quality control problem.

Sorry for your troubles OP.

#7017930 - 12/31/17 07:10 AM Re: Frustrated Customer - Browning Maxus [Re: Do-Nothin]
FiremanJG Online   content
THF Celebrity

Registered: 12/16/08
Posts: 26416
Loc: Wolfe City, TX
In the information age, there is no excuse for them to believe they can treat customers like this. Facebook, and Twitter actually are good places to set them on fire. The old call to the BBB wouldn't be put of question for me either.

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#7018105 - 12/31/17 09:55 AM Re: Frustrated Customer - Browning Maxus [Re: Do-Nothin]
Do-Nothin Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 12/12/17
Posts: 9
Thanks for the responses, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something! To answer a question above, they have not yet explained why they will not cover the issue. I have been out of town and have not had time to sit down and contact them. I am hoping for the best, while preparing for the worst. Hopefully, they will fix it, and if they don't I will keep reaching out through social media. Hoping Customer service isn't totally dead.

#7018138 - 12/31/17 10:26 AM Re: Frustrated Customer - Browning Maxus [Re: Do-Nothin]
Walkabout Online   content

Registered: 09/21/11
Posts: 577
Loc: Katy Texas
Well you have convinced me that Browning should repair or replace that model. Unfortunately it sounds like Browning will not. Perhaps you could display your message on as many hunting forums, FB and other social medias as possible so that other hunters are educated before investing a dime with Browning.

I would rather invest my money on repair with a solid local gunsmith and find a new manufacturer for future guns. You should not have to go through this much frustration with a reputable manufacturer. Sorry.

#7070620 - 02/08/18 09:14 AM Re: Frustrated Customer - Browning Maxus [Re: Do-Nothin]
Do-Nothin Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 12/12/17
Posts: 9
Update to my browning customer service "issue".. Upon speaking with them about the gun, they explained that a small bulge had happened around the gas ports and had caused the solder break, said that the issue was small enough that if a gunsmith was just eyeballing at the gun, it could have been overlooked. I understood, but was still a little bothered by the fact that they did not have any 28" barrels in my camo pattern, and that my gun would have a 30' barrel on it when it came back. I thought it over and just decided to "bite the bullet," and do the matching barrel in 30".

Fast forward a few weeks...

I have a voicemail from Browning saying to call when I get a chance. Great, here we go again... To my surprise, I was told that upon trying to replace the barrel, they realized they did not have any barrels, of any length, in my camo, in stock, and that they would like to replace the gun with a new (not refurbished) Maxus for the cost of the repairs. I told them that that was more than fair, and I appreciated the gesture. No paperwork, they handle everything in house. New gun on the way, only instructions from browning were to give it a good cleaning, and enjoy it.

I am back to being a Browning fan after almost scrapping them totally.

#7070661 - 02/08/18 09:39 AM Re: Frustrated Customer - Browning Maxus [Re: Do-Nothin]
68A Online   content
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 09/29/12
Posts: 2953
Loc: North Texas
Iím confused. Was this issue due to neglect or something that existed from the factory? If it was pre existing, why should you have to pay for anything?

#7070681 - 02/08/18 09:53 AM Re: Frustrated Customer - Browning Maxus [Re: Do-Nothin]
Do-Nothin Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 12/12/17
Posts: 9
Their explanation was that the barrel had a small bulge from firing, most likely due to something in the barrel. By their analysis, not factory. I like to think that I don't neglect my guns. During duck season, however, I am guilty of not cleaning my gun and properly checking it after every trip.

#7070714 - 02/08/18 10:09 AM Re: Frustrated Customer - Browning Maxus [Re: Do-Nothin]
Tff caribou Offline
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 08/27/12
Posts: 4043
Loc: Watauga, TX
That sounds more than fair. Good for browning.
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