I co-founded a team of 3 Wounded Veterans called the Hookset Brothers (check us out on Facebook ) where we focus on those struggling with PTSD and offering them free trips to aide in their recovery. For 2018 we are transitioning to our very own 501c3 non profit as PTSD Recovery Outdoors. We are incorporating our fishing for ptsd recovery™ program we have successfully ran for the last 3 years out of pocket for the last 3 years averaging 40-50 trips per year with our Hunting for PTSD Recovey™️ we just started this year. We have already successfully taken 12 Veteran hunting just standing it up mid November and continuing to build on that all the way to the end of the season. We started our mission for our own RECOVERY but our hearts and god had a plan for this all along.

We’re in search of a 2018 lease around East Texas 100 acres or more to lease and set up for future Soldier deer and hog hunts. We are management minded would only harvest a acceptable amount of deer to keep the herd managed for future. We only allow the soldiers / veterans to use bow or crossbow for our safety and there.

If any lease or land owner or ranch would like to contact my team about setting up future hunts with soldiers please don’t hesitate to reach out.

903-920-3330 or HooksetBrothers@yahoo.com

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