This has worked for me for years. Enjoy

1. Boil skull outside in large pot over a hot fire, add borax soap to water throughout the entire boiling process. The borax helps break down the meat and tissue on the skull. (I used my propane fish cooking burner) Donít submerse the horns or they will turn white also. I used a rock in the bottom of the pot to raise the skull up to keep the horns out of the water, cover pot if possible with a board or lid to shorten boiling time. About every 20 minutes remove the skull from the water and scrap, dig, or pick all meat and tissue from within and on the skull, use a pressure washer for best removal of meat and tissue. This will blast all tissue from inside and outside of skull. This has to be done completely, close enough isnít good enough. If all meat and tissue isnít removed the skull will stink and your wife will make you put it some place other then in her house.

NOTE: If pieces of the skull fall off during the boiling process, possibility the two bones above or below the nose, or teeth they can be super glued on later. SAVE THEM. Also dig out the ear bones this will give you more access to the brain cavity.

2. When all meat and tissue is removed clean the skull with DAWN dishwashing soap or other grease cutting soap this will remove all grease from the skull. Rinse skull completely to remove soap. I let my skull dry for 1 day before proceeding to the next step. If you have skull parts to glue on now is the time. A dab of super glue will do.

3. With skull dry you are ready for the good stuff. You will need a bottle of 40% Peroxide and one package of Basic White, or other bleaching agent (See below picture) both products can be purchased from a beauty supply house for about $8.00 I got mine from Sallyís Beauty Supply. Please note 40% Peroxide will BLIND YOU if gotten in your eyes. Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles when working with this stuff. Cover the antlers with plastic bags so not to get any of the bleaching mixture on them. In a plastic container mix the Basic White and Peroxide so it is like runny gravy. Apply to skull with a cheap paint brush, ensuring to get into all the nooks and crannies of the skull. Let skull sit overnight. Wash mixture off with water, remembering to wear your rubber gloves and goggles. Let the skull dry for 1 day. Donít use chlorine bleach on the skullís Iíve been told it will cause the bone to be chalky and crumble. Apply second application is not white enough.

4. Final step. Spray skull with a satin or non-gloss lacquer spray. This will protect the skull and also give it a rich looking sheen. Two coats will be plenty. Again cover the antlers with plastic bags and tape close. You donít want to spray the lacquer on the antlers.