Anyone else running one?

My son picked one up a couple months ago, we used it on our pig hunt in October. He shot 2 hogs with it. I was pretty impressed with the performance for a $1,300 thermal. Not as good of resolution as you see in the videos of stuff costing 3 times, but it picked up pigs and deer I couldn't see with the ATN X-Sight and a T50 illuminator. It's only 1X with a 2x digital mode that loses some resolution. Also doesn't have an eyepiece so you get the light from the screen shining back in your face. I could probably rig something up to fix that but it didn't seem to bother the hogs he shot.

One complaint about it, it doesn't take video, it does take still pictures, but unless you order the expensive model with the "Kit" it doesn't come with a data cable to get your pictures off the scope. Oh and at the moment Sig doesn't sell the proprietary cable separately.

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