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#6983692 - 12/05/17 10:13 AM New hog trap question
Aggieman775 Offline

Registered: 04/24/15
Posts: 721
Loc: Pittsburg, TX

I bought this trap from TSC. I was wondering, do I need to strap the doors open for a few days so the hogs get used to it before I close them? I have only had corral traps.

#6983799 - 12/05/17 11:32 AM Re: New hog trap question [Re: Aggieman775]
der Teufel Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 11/16/11
Posts: 1136
Loc: Central Texas
My opinion, for what it's worth:

I don't think rooter style doors are really all that effective. Hogs will push through things at times, but I think your best bet is to ó
A) leave the doors open for a while as you stated to allow hogs to become accustomed to entering the trap.
B) prop the doors open with some type of trigger so that you can get hogs in and then close the trap.

I recommend baiting the entire trap with a trigger at the back. You want hogs to enter the trap slowly rather than rush to the back for bait. That way there is the opportunity for multiple hogs to be in when the doors close. At least one study by Texas A&M indicated that, once hogs are in a trap very few more push in and often some escape as others try to enter. However, the multiple-door configuration in the trap you've pictured tends to minimize escape opportunities.

Good Luck!
You can never have too much ammo ó unless you're swimming.

#6984153 - 12/05/17 03:26 PM Re: New hog trap question [Re: Aggieman775]
garyrapp55 Offline

Registered: 12/26/11
Posts: 528
Loc: Ft. Worth
I'd tie the door/s open for about a week before setting. Also, cover that bottom with dirt so they don't feel that metal, it will make them think twice about going further in.

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#6984194 - 12/05/17 03:54 PM Re: New hog trap question [Re: Aggieman775]
mikei Online   content
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 11/16/14
Posts: 2515
What garyrapp and der Teufel said! Since it's a brand new trap, I'd also spread lots of bait around the outside of the trap as well so that the piggies can get used to eating near/around it with the new-trap smell in their memory banks. Tie all three doors open at first; then go to two, then one, then keep 'em all closed. As you gradually shut them down, make sure that you have signs that the hogs are getting into the enclosure and feeding. A game cam positioned close to the trap would be a great thing to set up. I can't tell how large your trap is, but I'd strongly recommend that you drive in at least one T post on a back corner, and wire the trap to the post to keep the hogs from turning the trap over. Be patient; there's lots of trap-wary hogs running around out there, and they're getting better educated every day!

#6986121 - 12/06/17 08:37 PM Re: New hog trap question [Re: Aggieman775]
Ranch Dawg Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 07/30/11
Posts: 3004
Ive had the same trap for over a year,,didn't catch a pig. Was told by an older gentleman a couple of weeks ago and he told me how he made his catch hogs. Pour a full 50 lb bag of corn right in front of the three doors. Pour about a 1/4 bag in the very back of the trap. Pour some of that Pigout juice on each pile. I did what he told me, and caught three within 3 days of setting the trap. It worked. I did leave the doors tied up for a couple of weeks when I first began using this trap. Good luck.

#6986288 - 12/06/17 10:08 PM Re: New hog trap question [Re: Aggieman775]
Kung Fu Widgeon Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 08/11/12
Posts: 1371
Loc: Blooming Grove
Wire the gates together, tie them to a root style trigger in the back on the trap, 2 handfuls of corn inside, 2 handfuls in a straight sparse line in front, set in piggy place and arm day one. Donít worry about metal floor, as long as they can feed through it. I have 20 pig sounders in a week. Catch a few on night one, move trap off blood pile, maybe 5 feet and repeat until sounder is captured. Donít need all that juice mess, waste of money. Youíll catch way more pigs in an open configuration versus a closed.

#6986294 - 12/06/17 10:17 PM Re: New hog trap question [Re: Aggieman775]
rexmitchell Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 02/11/13
Posts: 2392
Better to rig up a trigger system that keeps the doors open till one trips it at the back. There is truth about baiting it correctly so one doesn't run to the back and hit the trigger. Pm me if you want some pics of my trigger setup and I'll txt you the pics. Too much of a PITA to upload them on the forum from a phone.

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#6986332 - 12/06/17 11:21 PM Re: New hog trap question [Re: Aggieman775]
Roll-Tide Online   content
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 06/11/15
Posts: 4419
I built me a simple one with t post and hog panels. Made a circle and a wood guillotine door. Had some leftover rope from Nebraska Furn Mart, tied it to a stick and drove rebar into ground.

Baited it for a couple of weeks, the smart ones stay out.. Ironically, they tested the strength by ramming it, even thou the door was open.

Just set the trigger yesterday and baited. Kept bait far away from trigger, hoping they cram in there before hitting the root trigger....


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