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#6960713 - 11/14/17 08:54 PM Please explain "Rut"
Roll-Tide Online   content
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Registered: 06/11/15
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I need some simple explanations:

How long is the rut?

At what point is chasing?

At what point is the tending?

How long does the whole thing last?

Im in Henderson County and have spent plenty of time in the woods and have seen no chasing.

What I have seen is bucks on camera following the does around. Which is unusual for bucks to come around my cameras and feeders......

#6960722 - 11/14/17 09:00 PM Re: Please explain "Rut" [Re: Roll-Tide]
SapperTitan Offline
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Originally Posted By: bill oxner
I plowed mules.

#6961641 - 11/15/17 02:23 PM Re: Please explain "Rut" [Re: Roll-Tide]
DHS274 Offline

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After 30 plus years in the woods, I don't see an exact science to the rut. You learn the signs and use to your advantage if you can. In the last four years I have become more informed about the late rut, when young Does can come into late in the year or even January. Results are late season births. I have a few on my land right now, little bitty deer, probably born two months after the normal birthing season.

I hunt far east Texas, rut draws Does and Bucks mating into the heavy woods, scatters the normal patterns. I prefer when the rut slows down, deer go back to normal movements on the trails to and from feeding areas and watering hole. Just me.

#6962358 - 11/16/17 05:40 AM Re: Please explain "Rut" [Re: Roll-Tide]
HornSlayer Offline
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Loc: Azle, TX
The rut is when a normally elusive Buck will catch a sniff of a Doe as soon as she comes in season, then cross a 8 lane highway just to get a better smell. That's what the rut

#6962375 - 11/16/17 06:16 AM Re: Please explain "Rut" [Re: Roll-Tide]
BrianAthens Offline
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#6962442 - 11/16/17 07:25 AM Re: Please explain "Rut" [Re: BrianAthens]
Pitchfork Predator Online   content
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Originally Posted By: BrianAthens

Marc C. Helfrich
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#6962495 - 11/16/17 08:02 AM Re: Please explain "Rut" [Re: Roll-Tide]
hook_n_line Offline
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It's a birds and the bees thing. I'm not qualified, I'll just create an awkward period of silence. rofl any other dads do that before?
Sometimes it's hard being me! But somebody has to do it.

#6962550 - 11/16/17 08:46 AM Re: Please explain "Rut" [Re: Roll-Tide]
Leonardo Offline
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Registered: 01/03/08
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Loc: Wise County
It is a long drawn out process that doesn't come and go over night. Not too mention all of the doe don't get bred at one time either.

#6962563 - 11/16/17 08:55 AM Re: Please explain "Rut" [Re: Roll-Tide]
redchevy Online   content
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Loc: Texas
Rut = mating season for deer. No such thing as rape or sexual harassment. Persistance pays off and if you can catch it and hold it down you can do what you want with it. They don't care if someone else had it before or if the doe has a cute face.

How long does it last? Till does are no longer in season
At what point is tending? Assuming tending is when Mr. Buck and Ms. Doe go shack up for a while and spend some quality time. They might they might do the deed in the middle of the feed pen with all the others watching and the buck will go off after another.

There are no rules, its just bucks going after does. See when your fawns show up and back up about 200 days, that is when the mommas were bred and a week or so before that is probably an indication of when it all starts.
It's hell eatin em live

#6962870 - 11/16/17 12:39 PM Re: Please explain "Rut" [Re: Roll-Tide]
Shotgun Willie Offline
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Loc: McKinney, TX
Saw the start of it in real life for the first time yesterday. There was a young buck at my feeder getting his fill, when 300 yards or so across the field a doe and fawn walked out of the tree line. That dude dropped his head down low and set out across that field on a mission. They spent the next hour, hour and a half with him following her around, stopping occasionally to eat, occasionally a full out sprint chase across the field and back. His game was weak, however, and she eventually left the area an honest woman.

This was essentially at the Hunt/Hopkins county line near 30.

#6963016 - 11/16/17 03:10 PM Re: Please explain "Rut" [Re: Roll-Tide]
Pro Tracker

Registered: 02/19/15
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Haha your being played by players. They rut when your sleeping. High pressure areas or just areas often have alot or most rutting going on in the moonlight. Kinda like house cats.
Runnin'em down like a dog has always worked best for me.

#6963017 - 11/16/17 03:12 PM Re: Please explain "Rut" [Re: Roll-Tide]
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Look at all the people running around. 99.9 % of them rut in private too. banana2
Runnin'em down like a dog has always worked best for me.

#6963027 - 11/16/17 03:20 PM Re: Please explain "Rut" [Re: Roll-Tide]
Navasot Offline

Registered: 09/22/11
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Loc: Normangee/Navasota TX
Rut starts with searching then chasing this is one of the best time to catch bucks cruising in their prime. but the temperature will decide the daytime activity for the most part... next stage is "tending" i call it the lockdown.. bucks wont leave does until they get the job done.. dominant ones will stick with a doe if they know they are coming in soon.. if you got a high doe to buck this can be quite the slow time to be hunting... but then the secondary or clean up starts to happen.. In cold years this can really be the best time of our season to hunt.. doe get back into feed patterns and if your lucky one thats open and hot will show up... I have watched a mature buck almost kill hiself defending a doe from a bunch of 2-3yr old deer waiting on her to come in.. iv also found this to be the best time to rattle if you choose so.. now with a more even buck to doe rattling can be effective most of the rut... time frame changes to much through the state to call but here it starts in late October and you can catch bucks runnin doe until the end of January

#6963187 - 11/16/17 06:03 PM Re: Please explain "Rut" [Re: Roll-Tide]
DH3 Offline

Registered: 11/18/14
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Loc: Katy
Rut begins when does come into "season". It happens at different times around the state of Texas. I am in Val Verde County..rut usually starts 1st week of December. It starts later in South Texas and earlier in East Texas. Talk to game wardens in your area..they are usually right on!

#6963567 - 11/17/17 06:47 AM Re: Please explain "Rut" [Re: Roll-Tide]
Pro Tracker

Registered: 02/19/15
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On a few occasions I've seen does lay out by a busy highway to get the buck that has been hound doggin her to go away. He will just stand there with her or lay there. I got out and yelled at a 3 year old 8 point trying to run him off. He would'nt. He was in the poison trance. That's what the rut is. nuts
Runnin'em down like a dog has always worked best for me.

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