White Rock Trophy Ranch is located in Italy Tx. We have axis, black buck, aoudad,fallow,hogs,Catalina and rams all sizes.
(Whitetail available as well).
Our lodging is brand new with a wedding venue. Sleeping to 20+ in our lodges beautiful ranch.
Visit my website for more details prices etc. www.hardknocksoutdoors.net
Axis buck 26-29 inches $3000.00 30+ inches $3500.00
Black buck 17-20 inches $2500.00 20+ inches $3000
Aoudad less than 30 $2750 30+ inches $3250.00
Rams $475-1500
Catalina $1250.00
Fallow $3250.00
Hogs $100.00 per person + $1 a lb.
Our prices are a tad higher than most ranches but for the money you will not fine a better ranch and accommodations within 2 hours of DFW.
Fee free to give me a call. 214-316-9701

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