I just had the toughest hunts of the year and it wasn't because of the normal issues like a client being to noisy, missing shots, having unrealistic expectations or even being indecisive on what he wanted to shoot! It was Mother Nature, FULL moon, acorns everywhere and hotter than hell! You boys and girls who say high fence hunting is easy should have seen the effort Ray & I put in to get a mature buck harvested, it's a hunt we will both never forget and not because we harvested a high scoring buck or even being done in one sit. What is so memorable is seeing a mature buck the first night at a prime location sitting in a pop up while it was so hot the sweat literally poured off of us for hours. A location that has 4 shooter bucks frequenting it daily just to have one of the biggest step out literally 5 minutes to late to where we could not 100% identify him. Scratching our heads on our next move and deciding to stay with that location playing the odds to have a sit where we literally saw zero deer and on the drive in to the back of the ranch we only saw 1 old cull and a few does topped off with hours of driving around looking at sign and still only seeing a few deer from long distances. I decided to scratch my plan and start all over by the book, go check all 9 cameras on the 1400 acre property and find the best buck that was pattern-able and get in the stand asap only to have a blowout on my Mule with no lugnut wench that fits the aftermarket wheels just to find out my trailer had a flat too. I am known for my abilities to find, pattern & harvest big bucks regardless of the fence hight but the obstacles we faced this hunt may as well have been as high as Mount Everest but guess what, we persevered just like apostle Paul, when he thought he was down he got up, when he thought it was over he kept going. I decided to move locations and gamble and the gamble payed off with a 6.5 year old managment buck that has been as elusive as snow in July. Ray made a great shot after I noticed the bucks behavior showing he was about to head out as fast as he had come in, I said take him now or he's gone, BOOM he let the 7mag bark and drilled this old 8! He ran 25 yards and crashed like a ton of bricks! I have been guiding a long time and have been part of harvesting many bucks over 200" but this buck will always stay with me because of the challenge, the risk, the story and the ending! I feel as if I have made a lifelong friend and client who sees just what's it's like to do this job and deal with the challenges set forth by higher power that simply make me push forward even harder! I just got to the next ranch where I'm meeting my client at 6 to hunt a 170-189" buck so stay tuned, hopefully we have some good luck on our side in this one!

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