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#6880348 - 09/06/17 02:44 PM Scent Free detergent
soonersorlaters Offline

Registered: 08/13/15
Posts: 176
Loc: Mansfield, TX
Anyone use products outside of those "specifically marketed for hunting" for washing your hunting gear?

I picked up some of this stuff. Much cheaper and readily available at most grocery stores. I can't smell a thing when they leave the wash.

#6880376 - 09/06/17 03:18 PM Re: Scent Free detergent [Re: soonersorlaters]
Texas Dan Offline
THF Celebrity

Registered: 07/28/08
Posts: 13473
There are several brands of "free and clear" washing detergents that I've seen in the stores. All cost far less per unit volume than the stuff packaged specifically to attract hunters.

Spring, Texas

#6880378 - 09/06/17 03:22 PM Re: Scent Free detergent [Re: soonersorlaters]
fouzman Online   content
Pro Tracker

Registered: 08/09/10
Posts: 1888
Loc: Houston, TX
I hunt in far south Texas. Most all the locals seem to wash their clothes in Gain. It has a very noticeable perfume smell to it. I think the local deer must be used to that "scent" so that's what I wash my hunting clothes in.

#6880398 - 09/06/17 03:46 PM Re: Scent Free detergent [Re: soonersorlaters]
maximum Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 09/30/09
Posts: 1806
I use atsko sportwash. no scent no optical brighteners

I also won't wash any hunting clothing at a washeteria.
the local border jumper women seem to use a whole box
of dryer sheets per load and gallons of febreeze.
you can smell it for blocks.

#6880418 - 09/06/17 04:12 PM Re: Scent Free detergent [Re: soonersorlaters]
Simple Searcher Online   content
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 12/30/12
Posts: 6176
Loc: Helotes, Hext
I cannot see that a scent free detergent would make much of a difference. My washer smells like the detergent that I always use. I cant imagine that smell not getting in anything that is washed in it, same for the dryer.
Maybe if you washed everything in a bucket and let it air dry?
I have known hunters that would hose down their clothes and then hang them on the porch for a week.
But then I hunt the wind and don't worry about scent stuff too much.

"Man is still a hunter, still a simple searcher after meat..." Robert C. Ruark

#6881299 - 09/07/17 03:15 PM Re: Scent Free detergent [Re: soonersorlaters]
TX0303 Online   content

Registered: 09/08/16
Posts: 194
I use Dead Down Wind which is usually cheaper than Sportswash.

#6881677 - 09/07/17 10:19 PM Re: Scent Free detergent [Re: soonersorlaters]
bigjoe8565 Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 06/30/08
Posts: 5415
Loc: Mesquite, Tx
I use scent free detergents. I purchase at the end of season when it's usually half priced. I wash twice and then air dry. Do I think it makes me scent free? No I don't, but I don't smell like Island Fresh gain when hunting. I also shower in scent free and use scent free deodorant which is all purchased at end of season.

#6883437 - 09/10/17 05:32 PM Re: Scent Free detergent [Re: soonersorlaters]
Txhillbilly Offline

Registered: 08/14/15
Posts: 626
Loc: Johnson County
I've never worried about it, and have killed deer pretty much anytime I wanted to. If you hunt out of a blind, there's little need to care about it.

#6883465 - 09/10/17 06:10 PM Re: Scent Free detergent [Re: soonersorlaters]
Wilhunt Online   content
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 07/26/13
Posts: 3833
Loc: New Braunfels, San Saba county
Hunt with the wind.

#6890479 - 09/17/17 11:10 PM Re: Scent Free detergent [Re: soonersorlaters]
Greg Z Online   content
Pro Tracker

Registered: 02/01/05
Posts: 1039
Loc: TX, Rockwall
Speed Stick antiperspirant unsented
Greg Ziemer
Sewell Lexus
Life's too short... Enjoy the ride!

#6891994 - 09/19/17 09:27 AM Re: Scent Free detergent [Re: soonersorlaters]
Bigfoot Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 08/06/14
Posts: 1123
Loc: Galveston Bay
Unscented deodorant and scent free laundry detergent and scent free soap. Keep clothes in a scent free bag and I put them on right before I walk in the field. Uss a little spray down and that is it. Probably overkill only the spray is marketed to hunters

Edited by Bigfoot (09/19/17 09:32 AM)

#6892626 - 09/19/17 06:02 PM Re: Scent Free detergent [Re: Bigfoot]
TEXASLEFTY Online   content
THF Celebrity

Registered: 10/26/07
Posts: 10538
Loc: The Island Cres
Originally Posted By: Bigfoot
Unscented deodorant and scent free laundry detergent and scent free soap. Keep clothes in a scent free bag and I put them on right before I walk in the field. Uss a little spray down and that is it. Probably overkill only the spray is marketed to hunters

I'll add to this, a little off topic but....I keep my boots, clothes and backpack in empty corn sacks and I rotate to the newest empty sacks.
Originally Posted By: Chunky Monkey
Never been to a camping world. I prefer Dick's to be honest.

#6896443 - 09/23/17 12:51 PM Re: Scent Free detergent [Re: soonersorlaters]
Greg Z Online   content
Pro Tracker

Registered: 02/01/05
Posts: 1039
Loc: TX, Rockwall
I normally by the sport wash. I have a few sets of cloths so I only wash a few times during the season. I think there may be a sent free Tide.
Greg Ziemer
Sewell Lexus
Life's too short... Enjoy the ride!

#6898284 - 09/25/17 12:02 PM Re: Scent Free detergent [Re: soonersorlaters]
DT44 Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 10/29/12
Posts: 2
I always wash my clothes in scent free detergent. I also shower with
Scent free soap and shampoo. I store my clothes in an scent free bag.
I use scent free deodorant. I spray myself down with dead down wind
Before I enter the sticks. Now all of that said I know all of that may not
Be necessary but it doesn't hurt and when a deer blows and stumps off
(Which rarely happens) I have the piece of mind that I've done all I could.

#6902126 - 09/28/17 10:57 AM Re: Scent Free detergent [Re: soonersorlaters]
Brian C. Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 11/14/14
Posts: 271
Loc: Location
Man what a topic. I think this might be the most diverse issue in the world of hunting. I have played and experimented with this subject for years. Found several truths and blown some myths. By no means has any of my experience been scientific research but just simply real world experience. I too use scent free laundry soaps, shampoo and various other products. I have a process I go through each time in attempt to nuetralize body odor.
Step 1...
It usually begins with washing several loads of standard everyday laundry with scent free soap in attempt to knock down the already present perfume smells existing inside the washer. I also use scent free dryer sheets in the dryer and make sure the lint catch is cleaned prior to hunting clothes. Next i will repeat process with chosen hunting clothes, this includes all layers, base and outter. Even certain socks. One critical step is to ensure clothes are dry. May seem obvious but some of my insulated wool clothing can take a bit more to dry. ( Note when possible air drying does make camo last longer along with cold wash, yet living in town for me is not really an option to ensure my neighbors don't fire up the patio party next door).

Step 2...
I live and hunt mostly in a perdominantly cedar landscape. Therefore after washing and drying is complete I put my clothes in a scent free as possible tote. I add right out of the package dryer sheets to absorb any smells tagging along. Then I usually a week before the hunt cut a few cedar limbs to drop inside the tote. I have noticed though going overboard with cedar seemed to spook deer ( more on this later)

Step 3....
Personal hygiene, I stop using scented deotorant at least a month or even two before season. My job allows me to sweat it all out of my pours before season. I have found early season walking in to a stand with all my scent free soap and body spray and scent free deotorant I caught wiffs of Axe Apollo while sweating. It does penetrate deep into your pours.

HUNT THE WIND! Even when this is attempted we all know how it can change and swirl on us. Therefore for me I try to eliminate as much body odor as possible. When walking into the stand I also try to carry my outer layer such as a heavy jacket in winter on my backpack. Sweating on the walk in is bacteria which equals odor. Better to be a little cold on a 30° day when I get there than pouring with sweat.

Now the life experiences.
I've hunted private, public (Type 2), Corp of Engineer, State Parks, WMA's, etc. What I've found when it comes to scent is it depends mostly on hunting pressure IMHO.
Some public places where deer hunting pressure is super overrated it seems deer will no doubt associate ANY human odor with predator. The slightest hint and they will be blow and be long gone.
On the other hand I have hunted areas such as State Parks and even properties adjacent to Marina's for example were deer smell humans on a daily basis. These properties I don't think it matters what you do sometimes the deer just don't care. Even had a buddy that would smoke cigarettes sitting on the ground and deer would walk right up not thinking anything of it and he kills deer every year. These deer didn't seem to associate humans with danger. Also hunted with guys that would wash clothes with tide or whatever standard laundry detergent and then stand in the campfire the night before to saturate thier clothes to smell like it and they kill deer. I have have used so much cedar in my clothes before I couldn't smell coffee beans under my nose if had some and had deer blow down wind. Was there something I missed that day or was the cedar too overwhelming, IDK. Just what I experienced.

Bottom line....
Use your experience on hunts to maximize your needs. My thoughts are I try to cover as much scent as possible mostly for the walk in as I do for the actual sit in the stand. Never fails deer will cross your path coming down a trail or mostly if you are detected say for example rattling, bucks tend to circle down wind not necessarily to smell a human but which bucks are in the area.

Over he years scent control has turned into a very profitable industry for the hunting community and we are a consumer driven market. Use best judgement and mostly get out there and hunt!

Best of luck to everyone this fall!
God Bless Texas!!! Godspeed our Military!

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