I had been watching this field for over two hours from a narrow ridge top that runs through the middle of the field. The only thing I had seen other than cattle and deer was a probable coyote 600-800 yards distant on the next property that was across a creek. So I broke out the electronic caller and carried it about 50 yards away and 18' down hill near the point of the ridge. I walked back up to my perch, got out the remote, selected rabbit distress, put the remote in my pocket, and started scanning with my handheld scanner and there was a coyote standing by the caller and looking at it. Mind you, I can see for hundreds of yards in most directions from this point and he was already there - just that fast. I figure he must have been bedded nearby because I had not seen him come in during the previous hours. I got my rifle up and turned on the recorder for video, but the coyote was gone from the caller. As I panned, I picked up the coyote trotting away and pulled the trigger. Then the recorder started recording. It has missed the shot. ERRRRRR!

I walked down to the coyote. It had immediately dropped in place. As I walked up to it, to my surprise, it lifted its head. I drew my pistol and shot it in the forehead.

The Hornady SST 123 gr. rifle round had done its job, blasting through the coyote, taking out the spine and part of the shoulder blades, but was not immediately fatal, though the wound was devastating. Federal HST .45 acp finished him.

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