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I had a call from a friend of mine who operates in Mozambique, he has a very nice deal on the last 2 tags for the year.
Timing is crucial. This is a heck of a deal for a place as wild as Mozambique.

Day rate: 14 days @ 1200$ a day. 16 800$
Hounds and Hounds man fee 6500$
Leopard Trophy Fee 5200$
Govt hunting license 250$
Govt gun license 250$

TOTAL: 29'000$

While you are there you can add
$3500.00 Crocodile
#3500.00 Sable
$4250.00 Livingstone Eland
$3500.00 Second Leopard

To get there you will fly to JHB OR Tambo International, then take a flight to Nampula in Mozambique. From Nampula you take a charter flight to Cuamba that will put you in camp before dark.
The area is WILD, UN-FENCED and Consists of 690'000acres of wilderness.

Kind Regards
Bossie and May-Henriette Mostert
Limpopo Big Game Safaris
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