Hi there,
Im offering the best ranch for white tail deer hunting in the north east of mexico...
It can include fishing, ducks, wild pigs, javalins, coyotes, etc.
Is 25 miles down the Texas border, crossing by Falcon Lake or you can fly to McAllen Tx or Monterrey NL, and I pick you up from there... my town is pretty safe.
We can make the deal you like, as long as we all agree. (The complete season for you, or just one deere in 2 or 3 days, a complete month, deere hunting plus fishing, plus ducks, plus wild pigs, etc)
2,000 hectareas
Great trophys every seson
Like 12 years ago and before, my dad used to lease the ranch to people from San Antonio and Houston, now I want to do it again.
Write me if you are interest...

Hope you can see the picture, it was last year, 190 3/8 bc