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#6811217 - 07/03/17 03:30 PM 22-250 for whitetail?
FamousAmos Offline
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Registered: 02/01/05
Posts: 4182
Loc: Burleson
Question to you regular rifle hunters: is the 22-250 sufficient for Texas whitetail hunting?

I have shot a .243 for years successfully. I was given a Savage 22-250 which I will use on varmints, but I wonder about it's sufficiency for whitetail.

I appreciate your feedback.

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#6811230 - 07/03/17 03:40 PM Re: 22-250 for whitetail? [Re: FamousAmos]
don k Offline
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Registered: 08/27/08
Posts: 10054
Loc: Bandera, Tx
No, you need at least a 300 win. mag. for even the small Hill Country Deer unless you are wanting to have to trail a wounded Deer.

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#6811240 - 07/03/17 03:46 PM Re: 22-250 for whitetail? [Re: FamousAmos]
Dink Dodger Offline
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Registered: 09/14/05
Posts: 1345
Loc: Lewisville Tx
It will kill a deer but save it for varmints

#6811241 - 07/03/17 03:48 PM Re: 22-250 for whitetail? [Re: FamousAmos]
westtexaswatkins Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 05/31/07
Posts: 7112
Loc: Anton, TX
It's all about the shot placement. My son killed his first 3 deer with a 22-250. I kept the distance short and made sure he had a steady rest.

#6811255 - 07/03/17 03:57 PM Re: 22-250 for whitetail? [Re: westtexaswatkins]
JJH Offline
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Registered: 10/03/06
Posts: 3577
Loc: Katy
IMO, the key would be to use a Bullet designed for deer, not varmints

#6811273 - 07/03/17 04:11 PM Re: 22-250 for whitetail? [Re: FamousAmos]
603Country Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 07/03/12
Posts: 5593
Loc: Central Texas
You can kill deer with it, particularly the little ones in the Hill Country, but use a good bullet. I killed some with my 220 Swift in years past. Of course there will be the folks suggesting that you shoot them in the head or neck, but I'm not a fan of that (though I have done it).

Don't use a varmint bullet.

#6811286 - 07/03/17 04:22 PM Re: 22-250 for whitetail? [Re: FamousAmos]
nyalubwe Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 12/10/15
Posts: 382
Loc: Montana
I wouldn't hesitate...Ive shot a bunch with a .22-250 and bunches more with a .223 As someone already said, don't use a varmint bullet....

#6811304 - 07/03/17 04:44 PM Re: 22-250 for whitetail? [Re: FamousAmos]
txhunter1010 Offline
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 11/22/10
Posts: 3998
ive killed 8-10 deer with a 22-250.. the furthest one ran 50 yards.. shot placement is always key.. it is a flat shooting accurate gun.. great for beginners and kids.. I love my 270 but always like to break out the 22-250 for some fun easy shooting

#6811305 - 07/03/17 04:45 PM Re: 22-250 for whitetail? [Re: FamousAmos]
PMK Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 09/10/12
Posts: 6192
Loc: Central TX (Gtown/Austin)
yep, it will do the job with a good bullet and proper placement.

I killed my first several dozen deer with a 218 Bee 45 grain jacketed hollow point.
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#6811315 - 07/03/17 04:54 PM Re: 22-250 for whitetail? [Re: FamousAmos]
Buzzsaw Offline
THF Celebrity

Registered: 06/29/11
Posts: 10300
Loc: Frisco, Texas
68 grain Nosler Bonded Bullet going 3,000 fps?

your will kill
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#6811478 - 07/03/17 07:12 PM Re: 22-250 for whitetail? [Re: FamousAmos]
BayouGuy Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 03/27/13
Posts: 1569
Loc: S.E. Louisiana
Use this and don't even worry about the size of the deer.
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#6811492 - 07/03/17 07:24 PM Re: 22-250 for whitetail? [Re: FamousAmos]
syncerus Online   content
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 12/01/08
Posts: 2450
Loc: Dallas, TX
I was going to say that you probably want to stay with copper bullets 53 grains and under in a standard 1:14 twist .22-250. In lead bullets the 55 grain SGK and the 63 grain SGK semi-pointed seem to be the class of the field when it comes to hunting bullets, but I'm sure others will chip in with suggestions..

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#6811520 - 07/03/17 08:00 PM Re: 22-250 for whitetail? [Re: FamousAmos]
Aggie1980 Offline
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Registered: 08/17/12
Posts: 1433
Loc: Wylie
That's all my Wife uses is HER .22/250 it is a 1980 Remington 700 BDL bull barrel stacks one ragged hole at 150yds with 55gr. Soft point can give you load data if I can find it but this gun loves Serria game Kings crony at 3650fps tiny entrance hole like a Needle total devastating results on the exit Never had one go further than 50yds from shot point and it is exactly 105yds to her feeder

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#6811526 - 07/03/17 08:10 PM Re: 22-250 for whitetail? [Re: FamousAmos]
FiremanJG Offline
THF Celebrity

Registered: 12/16/08
Posts: 21736
Loc: Wolfe City, TX
If I were going to take a .22-250 deer hunting, with a common 1:14 twist, I would use a 55 gr Sierra Game King spire point boat tail.

Then I would make sure and have a perfect 100 yard zero.

Then I would line up the reticle below the ear, and behind the jaw (in line with the horizontal portion of the jaw), for the broadside presentation.

For the forward facing presentation, I would put the reticle just below the chin.

For the rear, head presentation, I would put the reticle again, center of the neck and in line with the horizontal portion of the jaw.

Limit 200 yard shot. And shoot the rifle on the range, at 200, prior to hunting with it, to learn the reticle placement, for a perfect 200 yard center hit.

I'm make shots like this, every year, on does. But I'm using a 162 gr out of a 7mm-08. As long as shot placement is just as solid, I would expect the .22-250 to work just as well.

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#6811546 - 07/03/17 08:31 PM Re: 22-250 for whitetail? [Re: FamousAmos]
Simple Searcher Offline
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Registered: 12/30/12
Posts: 5336
Loc: Helotes, Hext
I have killed 30-40 deer with a 22-250 and 55gr HPs, and I've never lost a deer.

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