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#6136530 - 01/14/16 09:48 PM Re: Disabled Vets Looking For Things [Re: LSWO]
chemdawg Offline
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Registered: 01/15/15
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if you guys want to take something free for disabled vets of any era i offer free guided catfish trips for up to 4 people at a time for vet all i ask is 20$ for gass if you have it if not no big deal i guide in the spring and summer and make and sell catfish bait i use the money to take vets out fishing for active duty guys i just charge fuel cost for the trip they can take there whole family or battles i supply every thing other then drinks food sun screen and a cooler to take your fish home in we fish from sun up till 3-4 pm I don work i just 100% disabled as well and va does not pay much my boat is lary and will aclty fit a wheel chair in the deck of the boat i bought it just for the reason it is a 21 foot boat you can bring your family kids friends it does not matter I know when i go somewher i have to have someone with me if it is over an hour long i have issue my legs go numbe or give out i have issue so i under stand i just figure i am going to be out there already so it does not matter who goes if three is room if waco and limestone lake and lime stone lake resort give a free night stay to military retired or active duty police first responders firemen a free night in there basic cabins if its a long drive you can stay there and I can meet you at the dock here are a few pick of the catches i dont take a lot of picture but every one alway gets 50-150 fish each trip there not huge but great for fish fries with friend and neighbors that a 120 qt cooler

#6334369 - 06/13/16 11:47 PM Re: Disabled Vets Looking For Things [Re: LSWO]
Team Hillbilly Offline
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Hope you got the hush-puppies,that's some eating.
Team Hillbilly
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#6687168 - 02/25/17 07:40 PM Re: Disabled Vets Looking For Things [Re: LSWO]
Light Foot

Registered: 01/14/16
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Loc: North Texas
A little late to the party, and probably off topic, but man oh man guys.. you all pretty much hit the nail on the head. I am an Army vet of 6yrs served in Iraq, twice deployed, never wounded. I've been on a couple of these hunts (I'm almost ashamed to say it now) one a few years back, I was so embarrassed by a few of the guys behavior I was with and bald faced lies- I swore I'd never go again. Then a couple months ago there was a last minute opening with a different group (this one for vets and first responders- I'm a FF) and I had the availability so I took them up on their most generous offer, and met friends I felt like Id known my whole life and who are already planning get togethers in each others elk/deer/fish camps for next year.. what a blessing indeed! Its like when you're in the service and its such a huge melting pot of all kinds of morons and then you become a little more of a moron yourself and those others grow up a little and then you all have something going. Well the thing is, when you get out people just arent always on the same level and it makes it hard. That and in truth- some people are genuine dirt bags. As a vet Id like to impart the following few simple guidlines to help you other vets along who may be contemplating a trip because nobody wants to be THE low man on the hunt or trip.

1. BE HONEST GUYS.. you have nothing to be ashamed of in your service, you put a uniform on and whatever it was that you did is enough. You were ready. Say outright "I was never wounded", half truths or allowing someone to believe what they assume makes you... a liar. Also, dont be making up BS- people know. You arent the first one to "have been a green beret in fallujah"... you will only look dumb.

2. Be a gracious guest- please and thank you and handshakes and family friendly language IS the ticket. Even if you get drunk in a hotel on their dime- dont go stomping and cursing and banging on doors because you used to be a First Sergeant or whatever.

3. Dont come empty handed if you can help it- this isnt a necessity but it goes a long way. Even if you can manage to bring some pictures of your service to share with your hosts, they would probably love that, these folks and the people who chip in to make it all possible would love to know you better. One cool thing, offer to pay for a drink or dinner for your guide or host or someone. Please dont be one of those always on the take. This last time out we brought some deer steaks and another guy had brought some other stuff too and other guys brought beer and one guy went to the store for charcoal and man we cooked and laughed and ate all together. Had a blast!

To you guys who offer these trips and support them, you guys are as good as gold. I dont think you could ever know how much it means to us. Im sorry sometimes people take advantage and make a poor showing. Thank you for everything you do! Sincerely.

#6716484 - 03/27/17 01:46 PM Re: Disabled Vets Looking For Things [Re: LSWO]
LSWO Offline

Registered: 03/05/13
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Loc: Whitehouse, Texas
BANDIT_DOC well said. I have had the great opportunity to go on one hunt when I first got released from medical and after that helped that same group for a while. Then I saw a need that was not being focused on so I started my own organization. So I have seen it from both sides. I probably should not have started this thread, just simply got sick of people claiming to be "A Hero" or saying that they have never been a part of an organization like mine yet I see them on TV on a hunt that I used to work with that was shot a year before. People do not realize that google is a POWERFUL thing. I use it and find as much information as possible. If you lie to me on an application what else have you lied about? Just one of those things. I love your 3 things though!!! Very fitting..
Chris Gill
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#6719187 - 03/29/17 08:08 PM Re: Disabled Vets Looking For Things [Re: Treinta-Treinta]
HWY_MAN Online   content
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What, you don't ask them to submit a DD-214 and a VA rating letter?

I've never asked a Vet to prove a damn thing nor will I ever. I've never had a problem with a Vet's honesty, can't say the same for some of the organized groups catering to Vet's.
Yes a Weatherby does kill them deader.

#6720453 - 03/30/17 09:59 PM Re: Disabled Vets Looking For Things [Re: LSWO]
SapperTitan Offline
Taking Requests

Registered: 11/17/10
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Loc: Killeen/Ft Hood, TX
One of my Drill Sergeant's told us on day one that people will want to do things for us for serving and its fine to accept their offers but never go out and use your service to this country to look for a freebie or a handout. That always stuck in my head. Ive hunted with one organization and when I contacted them I had no idea it would be free for me and thats exactly what it was. I dint spend a dime other than gas money there and back. Since then I have not hunted with any other organizations bc I am lucky to have great friends to hunt with and Ft Hood is very close. I have donated multiple items for auctions to raise money to get more soldiers into the outdoors. The one thing that I noticed being around these organizations is how many guys literally just want a hunt for free. They think they are entitled and I've seen some people get upset bc they only got to shoot a doe or a cull buck rather than a trophy and thats just sad. Be grateful for any opportunities you get, offer to help with dinner or cleanup, gut your own dang deer, and be grateful and make sure the person you hated with knows how grateful you are for that opportunity and most of all when you see someone trying to use their service for a freebie send them a PM or talk to them if that don't work call em out.
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#6729435 - 04/08/17 04:21 PM Re: Disabled Vets Looking For Things [Re: LSWO]
colt45 Online   content
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saw this on another forum, because he is serving, taking advantage of people
hold on Newt, we got a runaway

#6918792 - 10/12/17 10:59 PM Re: Disabled Vets Looking For Things [Re: LSWO]
texretvet Online   content
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I agree with you guys. However, I did send a letter to Ferrari and let them know I would love to own one but as a disabled vet I just can't afford it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

#6919125 - 10/13/17 10:09 AM Re: Disabled Vets Looking For Things [Re: texretvet]
SapperTitan Offline
Taking Requests

Registered: 11/17/10
Posts: 22824
Loc: Killeen/Ft Hood, TX
Originally Posted By: texretvet
I agree with you guys. However, I did send a letter to Ferrari and let them know I would love to own one but as a disabled vet I just can't afford it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
let us know how that works for ya roflmao
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