Had a great hunt last weekend on public water with a buddy from Church.

We got the spot we wanted and some kids setup in a pond only like 150yds north of us. They were standing almost the whole time and shooting way more than they should, blowing their calls like crazy. My buddy was convinced they must've done great due to all the shooting. When we left we found out they only got 5 ducks between 5 hunters.

We each got a limit with all the shots coming directly over or in the decoy spread. It was really good. Not the prettiest pile of birds but it will do. Shot more hens than we like to but some hunts are just that way. We closed out our limits with 3 ruddy ducks. By the way, this was a coastal marsh hunt and it was freaking freezing. 27 when we launched. There was ice all around the edge of our pond which was brackish water.

Here's the evidence.

If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready!