What to sell my collection of flares and smoke, would like to sell as a package but will break it down. This will be a face to face sale, I will not ship. I live in The Colony

Will sell all for $650.00

If I break it up it will be this price.

1, 26.5mm Flare Gun. $90.00
12, 26.5mm Orange flares. $60.00
14, 26.5mm Green flares. $70.00
4, 26.5mm Black flares, $20.00
20, 26.5mm Red rocket orange smoke. $200.00
1, 12 Gauge Adapter for the 26.5mm flare gun. $25.00
8, 40mm German Parachute flares. $160.00
5, Comet Parachute flare, $100.00
25, 12 Gauge Red Aerial flares, $50.00
10, Pains Wessex smoke, $40.00

The big 26.5mm flare info.
26.5 Flares. These Flares are made in W. Germany. These flares are awesome and actually measure 8 inches long. Out of a standard 26.5 flare pistol they stick out of the barrel 2 inches. That has no effect on the operation. These flares have the next generation of technology in their manufacture. When fired it is actually a finned rocket that blasts out of the case. It goes extremely high and burns out in the air. Recoil is almost cut to a fraction of what 26.5 flares usually are as it launches a rocket instead of a black powder blast. This flare shoots 1 red meteor and a orange smoke bomb that drops simultaneously with the flare.