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#6619023 - 01/06/17 07:15 AM Anyone been on an Alaskan drop hunt
Bengoin Offline

Registered: 05/06/14
Posts: 116
Loc: Mountain Springs, tx
I'm planning a 2018 unguided moose trip and am looking for recommendations on the best place to go and what bush plane service to use. Hoping someone on here goes regularly and can provide some good insight on everything. Thanks in adavance!!

#6619880 - 01/06/17 03:47 PM Re: Anyone been on an Alaskan drop hunt [Re: Bengoin]
ZK-315 Online   content
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 10/11/13
Posts: 2009
Loc: Temple...Hunt in Freestone Co.
No help here, but one of my bucket list items. Good luck on all accounts of research and the hunt.

#6620332 - 01/06/17 07:29 PM Re: Anyone been on an Alaskan drop hunt [Re: Bengoin]
XMTG Offline

Registered: 06/30/16
Posts: 175
Loc: Texas
I am going in September on a drop Caribou hunt. We have been planning this for a year. I am still buying equipment needed to survive in Alaska for 7 days.
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#6621181 - 01/07/17 12:56 PM Re: Anyone been on an Alaskan drop hunt [Re: Bengoin]
EddieWalker Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 08/06/14
Posts: 1537
Loc: Tyler, TX
I've been twice. Saw a great moose on the other side of the river that I couldn't figure out how to get across. He was probably 200 yards away and just laying there watching me, which really made it frustrating. But I had to walk away. Then my buddy and I saw two large bulls fitting down in a big bowl. We tried to get close enough for a shot, but lost them, and then got lost and spent the night in the bush. I got a nice caribou on that trip, he didn't get anything because he wanted a bigger caribou and let them pass for three days, then we didn't see any more. That was in the Mulchatna area.

The other time was with a different buddy who just wanted a black bear. We went out of Aniak and though that it was an area with a lot of moose. We rented a canoe and spent ten days rowing all over the place. Every day we would see at least a cow moose, but never a bull big enough to shoot. The outfitter couldn't see any bulls flying around our camp, so he relocated us to another area that he had seen a nice bull, but we never found him. We also saw a few black bears, but never close enough to shoot, or that were out in the open long enough to get off a shot.

I'm still wanting a moose, just haven't decided where to try next time. Prices have also gotten ridiculous, so that's also holding me back. And worst of all, my wife wants to come along. She has no idea how bad it is there, and I'm really not wanting to deal with her being cold, wet, uncomfortable and eaten alive by mosquitoes. I also had diarrhea the entire time on the second trip because the water was full of beavers and nothing we did to purify it helped. Boiling and dropping pills into it just made it taste bad.

#6623580 - 01/09/17 08:17 AM Re: Anyone been on an Alaskan drop hunt [Re: Bengoin]
mustafa Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 01/12/07
Posts: 9776
Look under Alaska section of their are a lot of folks in there that can help.
Team Barbacoa Pro Staff.
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#6624084 - 01/09/17 01:15 PM Re: Anyone been on an Alaskan drop hunt [Re: mustafa]
JuneauEd Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 09/23/12
Posts: 7
I have been dropped for moose and caribou with success. Being ready for the weather is the biggest challenge as we have a lot of it from 20-70F depending on location. Can recommend 40 Mile Air out of Tok for either moose or caribou but you should have reserved with them at the beginning of last year. Several transporters out of Kotzebue and plenty of other places. Check out the Alaska Hunting Forum for recommendations also. Bring $$$ or plastic.
You can't have too many tarps either for covering meat or tents!

#6648176 - 01/25/17 10:39 AM Re: Anyone been on an Alaskan drop hunt [Re: Bengoin]
old raider Offline

Registered: 05/04/12
Posts: 112
Loc: tarrant, texas
Haven't been in about 10 years. Went 6 straight years before that.Some of the best hunting memories of my life. Weather was was the biggest challenge. Took 3 caribou. Check with Illiamna Air Taxi. Honest, friendly, and knowledgeable.

#6648956 - 01/25/17 06:26 PM Re: Anyone been on an Alaskan drop hunt [Re: Bengoin]
TxYoteHunter Offline

Registered: 01/20/09
Posts: 1822
Loc: Dallas, Tx.
I would strongly advise against going to Alaska for any reason. It's way to beautiful and you will forever dream of going back. You have been warned. I went on a black bear hunt 5 years ago and still want to return. As a way to sort of scratch that itch, I'm going to northern Alberta, Canada on a bear hunt this year. I'm just hoping it's at least 1/2 as pretty as Alaska. Good luck.
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#6650078 - 01/26/17 04:13 PM Re: Anyone been on an Alaskan drop hunt [Re: Bengoin]
Beendare Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 11/27/16
Posts: 4
I've done a bunch of those drop camps in Ak ...I was bowhunting on Kodiak last year.

The moose thing is tricky as the 1/2 dozen or so good transporters are booked 2-3 yrs in advance...and are between $6-9k now.

Deer, bear or Caribou is a lot cheaper...depending on how far out you fly as those bush flights have gone way up over the last 20 years. We used to fly from Kodiak about 1 hour + south for $400 each. Now its about $1500 each.

#6650526 - 01/26/17 10:22 PM Re: Anyone been on an Alaskan drop hunt [Re: Bengoin]
505ed Offline

Registered: 10/15/14
Posts: 629
Loc: Blanco texas
Everytime I see things like this. The adventure in me wants to like it but the pragmatic person I am says my time is too valuable. When I go on a hunt. I want to focus on a hunt--not all the small stuff that must be done ahead or during the hunt.So I pay a guide to take care of the little things, and have a higher success rate-than most of the guys striking out on there own. I will let you adventure bound guys wanting a expensive camping trip do this...I'll pay a guide, have a higher chance of getting my animal, and focus on the hunt.

#6650739 - 01/27/17 07:36 AM Re: Anyone been on an Alaskan drop hunt [Re: 505ed]
TxYoteHunter Offline

Registered: 01/20/09
Posts: 1822
Loc: Dallas, Tx.
Yep, I have to agree with 505. My Alaska bear hunt was a grand experience but all said and done it was a very expensive hike. Saw several bear but nothing really large enough to shoot and I didn't want to shoot just anything just to be able to say that I killed a bear. However, it was worth every penny for the sake of seeing that fabulous scenery and I'd do the same trip again.
perfecTshirts on Facebook
Silk screen printing.
T-Shirts, jackets, hoodies, etc.

#6650774 - 01/27/17 08:00 AM Re: Anyone been on an Alaskan drop hunt [Re: Bengoin]
Nogalus Prairie Online   content
THF Celebrity

Registered: 11/22/10
Posts: 23815
Loc: Corsicana
I have done wilderness hunts guided and unguided.

Both are fun. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Main advantages of unguided are: 1)cost and 2)added satisfaction of DIY - if successful.

But I have likely done my last unguided wilderness hunt. A good outfitter is worth every penny in allowing you to focus on the hunt by knowing the area and handling all the hunt logistics (gear, camp, travel, game care/transport). I'm there to hunt. If you don't know the area, DIYs very often turn into expensive camping trips. I may go on another one or two with buddies - but I will know going in it's about the fun and comraderie as much as the hunt.

Guys that scoff at guided wilderness hunts almost always fall into two categories: 1)those that can basically hunt 24/7 because they do it for a living (read: Eastmans' boys/Cam Hanes types) and 2)those who have never been and will likely never go on a wilderness hunt and, thus, don't have a clue what they are talking about.
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