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#6607440 - 12/29/16 06:52 PM Close calls while hunting
redneck74z71 Offline

Registered: 12/26/11
Posts: 219
Loc: denton tx
Figured this could be a fun topic. A few years ago I was riding my four wheeler around my grandparents place and ran up on some pigs. One of the pigs hit the four wheeler and knocked me off. Luckily she took off that could have been really bad. Let's hear some of yalls wild story's.

#6607499 - 12/29/16 07:45 PM Re: Close calls while hunting [Re: redneck74z71]
Dalee7892 Online   content
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 05/04/15
Posts: 2141
Loc: Denton County
Trapped about 8 pigs in a round trap, one that was shot in the head 45, ran into the hog fence and stuck with his head. I got into the pen and picked him up by his hind legs pretending to pushing a wheelbarrow. The darn thing came alive got out of the fence and started chasing me, fell over the feed trough trying to get the 357 out of holster, got up with the pig still chasing me finally got three shots off and it died. My four buddies standing outside laughing their arrses off. Laughing so hard forgot to get video.

#6607538 - 12/29/16 08:08 PM Re: Close calls while hunting [Re: redneck74z71]
D6Ranch Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 11/13/15
Posts: 256
Loc: San Saba
Have almost stepped on sleeping hogs.
Walked into a sounder in the dark and didn't know they were there until they spooked and I felt wind on my legs some ran so close.
Walked up on bucks fighting and they tried to get me involved.
Fell down into a creek bed after the bank collapsed. That one hurt.
Skunks. sick

#6607605 - 12/29/16 08:46 PM Re: Close calls while hunting [Re: redneck74z71]
Palehorse Offline
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 10/22/07
Posts: 4619
Loc: Surfside Beach, TX
I was wading through the marsh at Aransas NWR on a deer hunt. It was still dark, it was warm, and the place is teaming with gators. I had the willies something fierce. About half way to the island I was hunting, I startled a big heron that was sleeping in the marsh grass. He let out a big sqwawk and flapped away. I almost soiled my pants.

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“He grouped his last five shots right in the center of the bull’s-eye. Then I showed him my technique of scattering shots randomly around the target because, as I explained, you never know which way the deer might jump just as you pull the trigger.”

#6607617 - 12/29/16 08:55 PM Re: Close calls while hunting [Re: redneck74z71]
TexasKC Online   content
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 12/30/12
Posts: 2861
Loc: Houston & Lexington, Texas
I climbed into a brush blind in S. Texas one time and stepped on an armadillo. I'll never get into a blind in the dark again.

#6607631 - 12/29/16 09:01 PM Re: Close calls while hunting [Re: redneck74z71]
Buck25-06 Offline

Registered: 11/25/16
Posts: 641
Loc: Hunt county Texas.
Built bathroom complete with hot water and shower .this was built like house complete floor and shingled roof .was on lease in Priddy tex. Come time to unload off trailor I rounded up the guys 3 doctors 1 surgical asst.1 Vietnam era fighter pilot lots smart people but not much common sense . I told them they would have to shove it off trailor got them all on one side I was on other side to remove tie strap suddenly they shoved it came right down on me thaught it broke my back they were still pushing I was screaming like little girl to quit when finally my brother told them I was under it! Sore for days but ok!!
I know allot about everything-Everything about nothing!!!!

#6607640 - 12/29/16 09:07 PM Re: Close calls while hunting [Re: redneck74z71]
Creekrunner Online   content
THF Celebrity

Registered: 10/19/12
Posts: 10016
Loc: Bexar/Gillespie, hunt Terrell
Sitting in a brush blind many years ago I heard shooting on the neighbor's place, then I heard a bullet whiz over my head. 'Hate that sound and don't know how our brave young men and women in combat function with that going on. My hat's off to 'em. flag
...and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. Gen. 1:28

#6607676 - 12/29/16 09:42 PM Re: Close calls while hunting [Re: redneck74z71]
KG68 Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 10/14/09
Posts: 6314
Loc: Goldthwaite,Tx
I was pheasant hunting with a group of 10 hunters in the panhandle a few years back. We had parked and was walking down a dirt road getting ready to make a drive right as it was breaking day. All of a sudden one of the hunters fired his 12 gauge. Luckily he didn't blow anybody's head off. Dude said he was testing his safety. Needless to say he was never invited back to hunt with our group again. realmad

#6607690 - 12/29/16 09:56 PM Re: Close calls while hunting [Re: redneck74z71]
ndhunter Online   content
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 09/03/05
Posts: 4048
Loc: Dallas, TX
Rattlesnakes...more than once

#6607694 - 12/29/16 10:02 PM Re: Close calls while hunting [Re: redneck74z71]
BigPig Online   content
THF Celebrity

Registered: 08/27/09
Posts: 12089
Loc: Forney, Tx
Got drunk one night. About 3am we all decided to go for a ride on the ATV's. At about 25mph down a pipeline I hit a doe. She rolled up over the handle bars and knocked me off. Buddy that was riding close behind me saw it coming and decided to go left to avoid the collision. Well I went left also and we wound up in a big mess with an angry doe
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Ever spit it out rather than swallow it?

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Enjoy it while you can. One day you might be complaining about NOT getting random pop-ups in the morning. grin

#6607695 - 12/29/16 10:02 PM Re: Close calls while hunting [Re: redneck74z71]
TexFlip Online   content
THF Celebrity

Registered: 08/18/12
Posts: 10721
Loc: Chambers County
I once drank three cups of coffee before the morning hunt in several layers of clothing. T'was a real close call.

#6607996 - 12/30/16 08:52 AM Re: Close calls while hunting [Re: redneck74z71]
rfamilyhunting Offline

Registered: 12/03/08
Posts: 148
Loc: Dripping Springs, TX
My uncle shot a hole in my pickup bed last night. He was unloading his gun in an unsafe direction when it went off. Shrapnel also put a hole in my gun case. He shoots a Remington 700 and it went off while he was only touching the bolt action, he had not heard of the Remington trigger recall. I need to lower my spare tire today to see if it has any damage.

#6608206 - 12/30/16 11:16 AM Re: Close calls while hunting [Re: redneck74z71]
Curtis Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 02/26/05
Posts: 7934
Loc: Gonzales, Texas
I have a good one.

These two brothers came out to hunt with us years ago and one of them shot an axis. So while I was cleaning that one the guy with me received a call from his brother. When he hung up the phone he looked at me and was lightly laughing. I asked him what's up and he said we needed to get his brother some stuff at the lodge after we are done with his axis, and take it to him out there by his stand. I asked if everything is OK and he said, "Well, yes and no and I'm sure everything will be fine. We just need to bring him some water and some clothes." He would not tell me more but assured me his brother was OK.

So we got everything we needed, drove out to his stand, he's not in it. I stop the engine and I hear him yell about 70 yards away. We walk over his direction and I see this guy standing there pulling his shirt down below his waste, pants down to his ankles. I asked what was going on he said he had to get out to use the bathroom. I stopped and his brother walked over to him just laughing out loud. I stayed back about 40 yards or so while his brother handed him a bag containing several bottles of water, toilet paper and a towel, fresh pants, shirt, underwear, and socks. When they walked back I asked for an explanation. Apparently he had a bad case of diarrhea and had walked away from the blind to use the bathroom. Well while he was there squatting,behind some prickly pear, a rather large and harmless rat snake came through and slithered by his feet. It spooked him and he lost his balance, falling into the edge of some of the pear. The snake didn't harm him it just went on its path leaving him alone. He had a very uncomfortable ride back to the house with a few pear needles in him.

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#6608248 - 12/30/16 12:05 PM Re: Close calls while hunting [Re: redneck74z71]
RGLass Offline
Light Foot

Registered: 12/21/16
Posts: 17
Loc: Seguin, Tx
I had offered to keep our hunter's feeders full since they lived three hours away. I had filled the first one with feed and had cranked the winch up to the top and was tying the short legs to the tripod legs to keep it from swinging in the breeze when I heard a weird noise. just as I looked up, the feeder came crashing down on top of me . It hit my left shoulder, arm , and knee, landing directly on top of me . Knocked me out cold. I still don't know how long I laid there unconscious. When I came to, the feeder was still pinning me down. I finally rolled it off and the pain hit. My arm was swollen and had turned about five different colors. I was in the middle of the ranch, 23 miles from town and 5 miles from pavement. I had my Mule about 50 yards away and crawled to it. I had to crawl onto the top of it to call for help on my phone and finally got my wife on the line, saying I'm pretty sure my arm is dropped. I finally got myself together and made my way slowly to the camp house where she was just driving up. She hauled me to the hospital where the ER doctor walked by in the waiting room and saw me , saying Oh wow! That's broken! I was lucky, it turned out no broken bones, but to this day I have a noticeable "dent" in my arm. Upon further investigation, the guy had used ONE clamp to hold the plastic coated cable to the feeder and it had slipped off. My wife was upset to say the least. Her father had been killed out there by one of the older Ford trucks that jumped out of gear. It backed over him at a gate and dragged him to death. I will not go near a feeder that is suspended. Ever.

#6608293 - 12/30/16 12:30 PM Re: Close calls while hunting [Re: redneck74z71]
Bbear Offline

Registered: 11/24/13
Posts: 878
Loc: West Texas
- while deer hunting with a handgun I stepped on a 4' rattler. If he struck he missed. I couldn't hold the pistol steady enough to shoot him and he got away.

- deer hunting in Llano and walking down a rock formation that looked like a staircase, I felt something hit my pant leg as I stepped down. THEN I heard the rattle. That one didn't get away. On the way home that evening, I kept feeling a cactus thorn poking me. When I got home and dropped my pants I found one of his fangs. I hope I NEVER get any closer to getting bit than that.

- while quail hunting with my Dad and some of his friends, it was Dad's turn to flush the covey the dogs had on point. He walked through the area and nothing came up. We all figured they'd moved through there and told Dad to head on back. He took his game bag from around his waist and started walking back. After maybe 4-5 steps the covey flushed from under his feet. My Dad (then about 65) started high-stepping while saying "OOH OOH, they're coming out my A$$"
Everyone was laughing so hard no one took a shot nor saw where the covey went.

-While bow-hunting for elk up in Idaho I decided to take a nap on the side of the mountain I was hunting. I was awakened by the sound of running feet and looked to my right and saw black hair and no hooves. I sat up and a black bear cub stopped so fast his butt went up over his shoulders. He turned and ran off downhill. I figured (correctly) that with my luck, momma was going to be uphill of me. I looked up and sure enough, there was momma. About 30 yards uphill and EXACTLY opposite of where her cub ran off.
We looked at each other for about 30 seconds, then she woofed at me, snapped her jaws and turned and ran off back the way she came.

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