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#6553445 - 11/21/16 05:38 PM Finished!
charlesb Offline
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Registered: 04/07/10
Posts: 1493
Loc: West Texas mountains
I have completed the work on my Winchester model 70 in 270 WSM.

What I have created is a model 70 Sporter in Stainless, with low Leupold double-dovetail mounts and a Leupold VX-2 3-9x40 duplex reticule scope. The rifle is epoxy bedded, free floated, and the trigger pull is set at 2.5 pounds.

The scope is kind of a dinosaur, the VX-2 3-9x40 is no longer available in silver, and I got the last one that the wholesaler had.

Click an image to see it larger. The thumbnails save space on the forum server.

Today I sighted in the scope, and did some recreational shooting. The rifle likes Winchester silver box 150 grain factory loads, and my 2,000 fps 130 grain and 100 grain bullet target loads. (Reduced loads from the Speer manual using AA5744)

Now I can work on something else!

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Kind regards, charlesb

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#6553594 - 11/21/16 07:19 PM Re: Finished! [Re: charlesb]
jeepercreeper Offline
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Registered: 11/07/10
Posts: 3805
Loc: DFW
Looks nice. I cringed when I saw wood stock laying in a bed of rocks though.

#6553601 - 11/21/16 07:26 PM Re: Finished! [Re: charlesb]
T Bone Online   happy
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Registered: 09/20/09
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Loc: Up in the cheap seats..
The wsm is an odd choice but as long as you're happy with it..
Originally Posted By: Jungleexplorer
I really hate to do what I am about to do, because it will be very painful for you.

#6553720 - 11/21/16 08:35 PM Re: Finished! [Re: charlesb]
booradley Online   content
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Registered: 01/20/11
Posts: 1906
Loc: Justin, TX
Good looking rifle.
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My great great grandmother was an old Indian.

#6553750 - 11/21/16 08:53 PM Re: Finished! [Re: charlesb]
jorge Offline
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Registered: 02/01/11
Posts: 4110
Loc: Lake Jackson, TX
Nice work
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#6553806 - 11/21/16 09:33 PM Re: Finished! [Re: charlesb]
TexasVine Offline
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Registered: 10/20/08
Posts: 2087
Loc: Lakeway/Fredericksburg
Well done!

#6553954 - 11/22/16 03:17 AM Re: Finished! [Re: charlesb]
charlesb Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 04/07/10
Posts: 1493
Loc: West Texas mountains
The only thing non-standard about this gun is having stainless metalwork instead of blue. In most respects, this is a stock model 70 Sporter model with Leupold optics and mounts.

This particular stock style fits me perfectly, I once owned a Sporter in .338WM that it seemed like I couldn't miss with. This one works out well for me for off-hand shooting too. Once it is sighted in, I never shoot full-power loads from the bench after that, concentrating instead upon shooting from field positions.

I chose 270WSM on the strength of past experience too. - For the ability to push heavier 150 grain bullets at the same velocity that a 270 Winchester pushes 130 grain bullets. I have found that the 270WSM is an accurate cartridge, not fussy to load. This impression has been borne out once again with this rifle. It shoots the Winchester factory loads well enough that I see no need to bother with developing a full-power hand-load for it.

I considered and rejected the idea of replacing the thin red rubber butt-pad with a Pachmyer decelerator... It just doesn't kick enough to justify it.

The 2,000 fps 100 and 130 grain target loads are a pure pleasure to shoot, very similar in power level to a 30-30 with 100 or 125 grain bullets. They are also quite accurate so this is what I use for recreational shooting. I can shoot these all that I want to without putting any particular wear on the brass, barrel or throat area. Cheap to load, too. Scuffed-up golf balls make good reactive targets for this load, that's what I was shooting yesterday.

The combination of stainless and walnut is not really popular, and so very few firearms like this are produced. Most shooters do not care for that look, but I like it quite a bit. I developed this weird preference when I lived within 20 miles of the gulf coast, where everything wants to rust.

I appreciate the generous comments about what was really just a matter of assembling the components to put together something that is only "custom" as far as the color of the metal goes, in order to wind up with something that is one of a kind.

Now that it is done, I can decide which project to work on next: - A DCM style AR15, a Howa mini-action 6.5 Grendel with a nice walnut stock, a custom 98 Mauser in 280AI, or another heavy-barreled .223 bench/varmint gun.

If I can find a stainless model 70 barreled action in .243, I might put together a Featherweight companion for this 270WSM Sporter, something about right for coyotes, javelina and whitetails.

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Kind regards, charlesb

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#6554128 - 11/22/16 08:17 AM Re: Finished! [Re: charlesb]
Gone to Texas Offline
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Registered: 07/05/13
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Loc: Hurst
Love the stainless and walnut look. I wish more companies made rifles like that.

#6554153 - 11/22/16 08:30 AM Re: Finished! [Re: charlesb]
redchevy Offline
THF Celebrity

Registered: 10/25/04
Posts: 24661
Loc: Texas
I have a stainless savage with wood stock. I love how it looks as well.

Great looking gun! While it may be a dinosaur scope, I have several of the exact same scopes in gloss black finish and they have never given me any trouble, no gripes.
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#6554298 - 11/22/16 09:29 AM Re: Finished! [Re: charlesb]
WileyCoyote Online   content
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Registered: 09/01/04
Posts: 4774
Loc: The Dogwood Capital of Texas
Count me in also with a taste for SS & Walnut...and was my original interest in the Kimber Longmaster & MRC ASM's for a $100 bux upgrade over the more traditional and common blue/Wood guns so prevalent. SS & Black tupperware looks a little "sterile with no soul" to me. Oh Well, so much for the "romance factor of the hunting rifle" Warren Page and others instilled in my 1950's & '60s era teenaged heart.

If Kimber made the Longmaster in 260's and/or 7-08's or menbbe a couple Whizzum's or 2 I'd've already had some of 'em. They fit me better than anything I ever picked up from my usual low left arm carry and "Mounted quickly to look thru the scopes sight picture" with. Supposedly they were designed as a "walking Hunter's" gun.

Your M70 sporter is my next best feeling gun, and I got one in a BACO 270WCF w/it's 24" barrel enroute right now...just need to upgrade the stock from that soulless tupperware it's wearing as an Ultimate Shadow.
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#6554315 - 11/22/16 09:43 AM Re: Finished! [Re: charlesb]
HandyMan91 Offline

Registered: 10/27/16
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Loc: stephenville texas

#6554575 - 11/22/16 12:41 PM Re: Finished! [Re: charlesb]
charlesb Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 04/07/10
Posts: 1493
Loc: West Texas mountains
I got the stock from Midwest Gunworks, they have a variety of Winchester NOS (New, old stock) model 70 stocks.

Midwest Gun Works Model 70 Stocks

To float the barrel, I had to excavate the barrel channel a bit. Otherwise, it dropped right in but with lots of up-pressure near the the fore-end tip.

Edited by charlesb (11/22/16 12:54 PM)
Kind regards, charlesb

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