I would like to take my three sons on a hunt, none have been on a hunt before so we have no expectations. I do not want them sitting in the same blind together, if you have sons you know why. This would be a weekend (Arrive Friday and leave Sunday) non trophy hunt, I would mainly just like to spend some quality time with my boys. Im not concerned with the type of animal, as stated before this will be our first time. I'm trying to figure out a cost for the hunt with the below parameters. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

1) A place to stay on property and meals included. The cabin must be able to house (4) adults comfortably, all inclusive.
2) I would prefer a place between DFW and Oklahoma City but a hour or two south of DFW would be fine.
3) We would need to rent a fire arm and ammo or three.
4) we would need to have direction on how to clean and skin the game animal. If they shoot it they clean it, simple as that.
5) I would like a shooting range on the property so that we could make sure they can shoot the rented rifles and have a little fun in the down time.
6) I'm undecided if I'll hunt or not so please include pricing for a non-hunter and a fourth hunter. The main thing I want is for my boys to have a good time.

My youngest is going into the Army next year and I would like for all the boys to spend some quality time together before he leaves. The ages range from 24 to 17 years old. Thank you for any suggestions provided.