I took this rifle in trade from the youth pastor at my church but decided I dont want to keep it. It is a 300 Blackout built on an Aero Precision upper and lower with a 16" CMMG barrel. it has an Archangel stock, heavy buffer, Ergo pistol grip, DPMS BCG and Vented foregrip and a 3 prong flash hider. He said it was an AAC but its not threaded for a supressor. It comes with 2-30 round mags, a "pig" compensator or flash supressor (Ive never seen one of these before and dont know the brand) 250 rounds of handloaded ammo, around 100 empty brass, and about 50 bullets for reloading. He also gave me the dies needed to reload. I also have right at 200 empty .223 brass i will include along with a dry storage box and soft rifle case.

Its no safe queen. He used it for hog hunting so its been shot but appears to be in good condition. Rifling looks good.

Open to trades. mostly looking for an M9 but will entertain all offers.

Cash price $650 OBO. my cell is 214-733-3654

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