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#6543513 - 11/14/16 04:24 PM Bevo Got a Reaper
Smiling Mallard Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 08/12/05
Posts: 1460
Loc: Rockwall
Things are going nuts in our part of the woods right now with pre-rut/rut activity making bucks youíve seen all year long disappear and new bucks youíve never seen show up. This weekend was absolutely crazy. There were cruising bucks. Chasing bucks. Buck fights. Rattled in bucks. Just about everything you can imagine.

Trail cam pictures and on the hoof sightings of a lot of new bucks showing up for sure. Some were little. Some were big. Some were REALLY BIG. One of them I saw on trail camera pics and then in person on Friday morningís hunt as he dogged a doe really fast out of the woods and right past me at about 10 yards with no opportunity to get drawn. I quickly nicknamed him Bevo because he was a wide slick 8.

Saturday mornings hunt started slow but I soon had quite a few little bucks around me, in the pen and on the chum line. A doe showed up solo and the chase was on as these juvenile delinquents dogged her around the pen and through the woods around me. Several of the bucks were looking back in the woods and what do you know but Bevo shows up and I canít believe it but he gets on the chum line for a quick biteÖwith his azz to me. Iím hooked up and ready to rollÖjust turn broad side. Then here comes the doe back into the picture and gets straight up wind of him and here goes the bird dogging as he goes after her. Iím thinking so much for that as they disappear into the trees behind my feeder. Then suddenly she comes busting back out around the trees and blows past my tree 10 yards and I get ready to stop Bevo as Iím certain heís still on her tail. But he wasnít. He came around and stopped on the near edge of a mineral lick and was just standing their lip curling and checking the air. I have cut a shooting lane for that very shot to the mineral lick but some of those little bucks are within 5 yards of me and Iím thinking Iíll get busted as soon as I draw but itís now or never. I draw slowly and I get to full draw and nothing has blown, snorted or took off. Settle the pin on the quartering away opposite leg and squeeze. THWAP! The sweet sound of the Grim Reaper disappearing in the spot being aimed at and the lighted nock showing up on the ground behind. Bevo mule kicked and was immediately out of sight into the trees behind me. 10 seconds later I hear gurgling and wheezing very nearby so all is well with the world. I look and almost all those little bucks are still around so I nock another arrow and hope all the turkey that were gobbling show up. After an hour (I shot him at 6:49 AM) I run the two remaining little guys out of there and get down. Arrow is red the entire length and big blood right at point of impact. No need to blood trail as I look and about 40 yards away right where I heard him there was main beam sticking up.

Now here's the danger of shooting a buck at 6:49 and having to wait a couple hours till your hunting buddy gets done and comes to help you load him up. First you text your whole family and all your friends trying to wake them up with your good news wink . Then you take funny celebratory beer selfies to send to them at 8:00 AM. Then you think WTH this looks good so you drink it. It tastes so good you have anotherÖand another. By 10:00 AM you are seriously buzzing....

I canít resist the big wide 8 or celebratory breakfast ale grin

"Call 'em up close and shoot 'em in the face"

#6543516 - 11/14/16 04:27 PM Re: Bevo Got a Reaper [Re: Smiling Mallard]
BMowatt Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 02/08/07
Posts: 7521
Loc: Florida/Texas

#6543531 - 11/14/16 04:32 PM Re: Bevo Got a Reaper [Re: Smiling Mallard]
SapperTitan Offline
Taking Requests

Registered: 11/17/10
Posts: 23932
Loc: Killeen/Ft Hood, TX
Dang nice deer congrats
If you have IG or FB go give me a follow at TexasKillingFields

#6543539 - 11/14/16 04:38 PM Re: Bevo Got a Reaper [Re: Smiling Mallard]
East Offline
Mr. BM

Registered: 12/01/09
Posts: 21121
Loc: East Texas
Dang, nice one man

Aint nothing wrong with a little day drinking rofl

#6543646 - 11/14/16 05:52 PM Re: Bevo Got a Reaper [Re: Smiling Mallard]
Michael W. Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 11/22/10
Posts: 3440
Loc: Central Texas / Comal County
Great trophy, especially with a bow.

A clear conscience is often the sign of a fuzzy memory.

#6543672 - 11/14/16 06:07 PM Re: Bevo Got a Reaper [Re: Smiling Mallard]
cameron00 Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 01/08/09
Posts: 8711
Loc: Texas
Great buck, bottoms up!

#6543683 - 11/14/16 06:21 PM Re: Bevo Got a Reaper [Re: Smiling Mallard]
JRJ6 Offline
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 03/13/14
Posts: 4003
Loc: Dallas, TX

#6543684 - 11/14/16 06:21 PM Re: Bevo Got a Reaper [Re: Smiling Mallard]
Elkhunter49 Offline
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 06/21/11
Posts: 4061
Loc: Oak Harbor, Slidell La
Congrats on a bomber, damn nice!!!!! cheers
A true friend reaches for your hand but touches your heart.

#6543758 - 11/14/16 07:08 PM Re: Bevo Got a Reaper [Re: Smiling Mallard]
jshouse Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 01/24/10
Posts: 6358
Loc: Rockwall
Great buck sir cheers
Originally Posted By: cameron00
If I send my neighbors a text and ask them to give me feedback on my lawn and plant rye into a giant dong pattern, I'm probably going to get some less than positive feedback. Same goes here.

#6543782 - 11/14/16 07:18 PM Re: Bevo Got a Reaper [Re: Smiling Mallard]
Fltmedic Offline

Registered: 05/26/11
Posts: 702
Loc: San Antonio, TX
Very nice, heck of a way to celebrate to!!
Don't take life so seriously, you'll never make it out alive!

#6543836 - 11/14/16 07:47 PM Re: Bevo Got a Reaper [Re: Smiling Mallard]
dlrz71 Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 10/16/07
Posts: 9630
Loc: Arlington, Tx/Coke Cnty
Very nice buck. Congrats!!!

#6543955 - 11/14/16 08:42 PM Re: Bevo Got a Reaper [Re: Smiling Mallard]
mbavo Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 12/08/08
Posts: 8732
Loc: odessa tx
Nice buck !!!
Congrats !!!

#6543959 - 11/14/16 08:44 PM Re: Bevo Got a Reaper [Re: Smiling Mallard]
dkershen Offline

Registered: 05/14/09
Posts: 17895
Loc: Denton/Argyle
Wide sucker for sure! up

To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

#6543972 - 11/14/16 08:48 PM Re: Bevo Got a Reaper [Re: Smiling Mallard]
CRAnderson52 Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 08/12/11
Posts: 2661
Loc: Highland Village, Texas
You can run but you can't hide...

#6544386 - 11/15/16 08:38 AM Re: Bevo Got a Reaper [Re: Smiling Mallard]
Buddy Offline

Registered: 09/01/04
Posts: 588
Loc: Tx
very nice deer and a morning drink is always good

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