Ok, I am selling this blind for a friend on my lease.

Asking $1200 OBO

I have a custom deer blind for sale. The metal base and stairs were made custom for this blind as well. The stairs and platform detach from the main base frame. The stand itself is 4' x 8' wide and is a luxury blind!
The windows are custom DeerView Windows made in Midlothian. The structure was built out of 16GA angle and frames with plywood.

The finish system is EIFS (Exterior Insulated Finish System) plaster system. The system is a fully insulated and waterproofed exterior finish system used on commercial buildings. Super insulated to protect you from winter's harshest weather! A detail of what EIFS finish is has been attached. The inside has a shooter rest and a 1" thick rubber mat (similiar to what you would find at a workout gym) along with 2 chairs. The exterior is showing some 'Great Stuff' caulking to fill in any airgaps. This can be shaved off and painted for a better aesthetic look. The inside has also been caulked with acoustical caulk as a secondary layer of added caulking to avoid any air gaps.

Please email me if you are interested. The blind is located in Hext right outside of Brady.

You can PM me, or text/call him. 903-330-1935 or PM him on here at huntpp23

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