I have here the following items to sell:

1) Older vintage Redfield fixed 4x scope. This one was made in Denver Colorado. Optics are clear. It has a thin cross hair reticle. On the left side it says 4X Redfield 1" Tube, underneath the adjustment on the right it has the serial number F41808. Around the front eyepiece it has REDFIELD GUNSIGHT CO. DENVER COLO. Price is $75 shipped.

2) Brand new SB Tactical Arm Brace for the HK Sp89/Mp5k family and clones. I had it mounted on my Zenith Z5P until I received my Form 1 but never shot the gun with it on. I paid $250 for it, I'm asking $125 shipped which is $75 less than they are selling for right now at Atlantic Firearms.

3) AR15 Carbine length drop in rail system. I have no idea who made it as there are no markings on it. It is a drop in unit and once on the two halves secure to one another with 4 hex screws. It fits on well and there is no movement. Price is $30 shipped.

First to say they take it, gets it. I do have the stuff cross listed. I am also interested in trades. Ammo wise I can use .45 and .308/7.62x51. I can also use magazines for Sig 220 (SIG factory), MP5 (German, POF, or MKE), and FAL (metric, surplus or Moses). I can be reached via PM or email me at elbattey@verizon.net


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