Hey y'all,

I have been trying to find something about this online but to no avail.

About 5 weeks ago I stopped drinking soda and have limited my carbs to about 20-30 net a day under Drs. advice. Sure enough she was right, I do have exponentially more energy than before and don't feel nauseous nearly as often.

What is weird, is that having a drink with artificial sweetener or smoking a cigarette causes me to feel really light headed/dizzy/weak. I am assuming this is because both have excitatory properties, but I don't understand why it wouldn't be very noticeable until about 2 weeks into the dietary shift.

The bright side is I think it's going to force me into quitting smoking, but I am curious what is going on physiologically.


ETA: I used to drink 4-6 diet sodas a day, and have a carb based diet so this is a BIG change. (I know, I know... I quit!)

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