Went bowhunting for the first time in 3 years with a lot of good opportunities but no animals on the ground. The first night I had a doe at 8 yards right under the stand but I could not get a shot off due to how close she was. As I drew back to try she heard something and spooked to 40 yards. Although it was not my best decision I tried for a Hail Mary shot and missed was low. Miss 1.... Next morning I saw around 4 deer and have a shot opportunity at 28 yards for a large spooky doe that was very skiddish. I decided not to even try due to the fact that the doe was on high alert and kept looking at me and all around. The reason she was skittish was possibly due to a large 4 point that ran in and began chasing her. Friday pm have the neighbors shooting hogs with a rifle a few hundred yards away and then driving their 4 wheelers around like crazy 100 yards from my stand. mad About 10 minutes after this a 150lb hog steps out to the feeder and works to around 15 yards. Hog moves broadside is calm with his head away. I draw back, put my sight in between the 10&20 sight and release... I miss an inch low. Frustrating part is the hog acts like I hit him and runs 10 feet stops and then walks in a i circle and then walks off. At this point I just figure I will wait till dusk to see if anything else appears. No luck. I get down and look at the arrow and to my chagrin there is no blood, hair or gristle on it. My friend shot a 300lb boar that we spent an hour and a half tracking killing. Tracked his boar 100 yards after a good lung shot. Boar was still alive and trying weakly to charge. No one remembered to bring a weapon besides a knife so we had to send someone back for a pistol. 3 shots later that tough old boy finally died and the long haul back began through tons of brush. Saturday am I decided very foolishly to sleep in. Woke up and looked towards the stand to see 2 deer at 930 am and began the self loathing. I figured after having multiple gunshots only a few hundred yards away, a ton of camp work and then cleaning the hog only 100 yards away from the stand I wanted to hunt would have made the deer not show up there. Figured wrong. Been hunting for 15 years and killed over 50 deer with a gun, pistol and shotgun but not one with a bow yet. May try again next weekend. Can hit the bullseye almost every time but when it comes down to a live target you have to have a good metal list to ensure a good shot. Very humbling to realize I missed by an inch due to a parallax on that hog
If you look back over your life are you fully satisfied you pleased the Maker of Creation. Are you fully assured that you have trusted in His Son, Jesus Christ, for your salvation. Are you confident that you have a definite hope of going to Heaven?