This revolver is in great shape and has very few rounds through it. There is a slight drag line, but nothing you can feel with your thumbnail. I don't have the box, it was lost in a move.

I'm in north central San Antonio and can meet at Bass Pro or the Jones Maltsburger police substation on Jones Maltsburger by McAllister Park. I could be open for trades. I can add cash for the right deal. Interested in 9mm pistols (Sigs, possibly a 4th Gen Glock, Kahr), Glock 42 or 43, red dot optics, AR lowers, S&W j-frame (stainless or scandium), Stoeger Double Defense (20 Gauge preferred).



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Steve Moore, aka fastliberator, stole $165 from me. $160 on a bounced check and $5 on what my bank charged me. Said he'd make it right, then never contacted me again.