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#6510150 - 10/24/16 10:45 PM Another "What Caliber" Question.
Ritter Offline

Registered: 02/15/09
Posts: 246
Loc: Southern Oklahoma
I honestly never thought I would ask for advice choosing a new caliber to build a rifle around but I am running out of ideas.

I was looking at the rifles I reload for and have decided I want to add a new caliber but I can't come up with very many modern cartridges that don't overlap something I already have.
About the only strict criteria I have is that I don't want to buy a special set of forming die to make the brass and nothing that uses a belted case. I'm also not really looking for anything with more power than the Edge.

I was kicking around the idea of a 20 or 17 caliber but decided that I would probably not shoot or hunt with them enough to keep my interest peaked. Right now I'm considering a 22-250 with an 60 grain bullet or a .35 Whelen with a 225 grain bullet. Whatever I end up with it will be built as a hunting rifle with a finished weight between 7 and 9 pounds.

So here's a list of what I already have

From left to right;
.338 Edge - 300 grain Berger Elite hunter @ 2853 f.p.s.
300 Remington Ultra Magnum - 210 Berger VLD @ 3004 f.p.s ( Just sold this rifle to a friend )
7mm Long Range Magnum - 180 grain Berger Hybrid @ 3023 f.p.s.
280 Remington - 168 grain Berger VLD @ 2717 f.p.s. ( Sold this one too )
7mm-08 Remington - 140 grain Nosler Accubond @ 2803 f.p.s.
6.5x47 Lapua - 140 grain Berger VLD @ 2818 f.p.s.
.243 Winchester - 105 grain Berger VLD @ 2929 f.p.s. ( Soon to be re-barrelled as a 6XC )
.243 Winchester - 87 grain Hornady V-Max @ 3304 f.p.s.
.223 Remington - 40 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint @ 3562 f.p.s.

Is there a cartridge that I have overlooked or should I just build either 22-250 or .35 Whelen?

#6510158 - 10/24/16 10:56 PM Re: Another "What Caliber" Question. [Re: Ritter]
aggiehunter03 Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 11/13/09
Posts: 2145
Loc: Mineral Wells, Texas
I was gonna say 22-250 and a 75 Amax but you already mentioned it. 220 Swift would be fun. 22-243 is another on my list of interests. Since you sold you 300 you could get another 30 caliber.
Originally Posted By: Dan90210
I was looking at man bags online.

#6510160 - 10/24/16 10:59 PM Re: Another "What Caliber" Question. [Re: Ritter]
rjd Offline

Registered: 11/22/06
Posts: 828
Loc: Mabank, TEXAS
Don't see a quarter bore in the list. Just a thought.

#6510167 - 10/24/16 11:05 PM Re: Another "What Caliber" Question. [Re: Ritter]
jeffbird Online   content

Registered: 03/09/09
Posts: 1713
Not glamorous, but conspicuous by their absence are 308 Win. or 30-06. Great all around cartridges and wonderful in a 7 - 8 pound all in rifle.

#6510171 - 10/24/16 11:07 PM Re: Another "What Caliber" Question. [Re: Ritter]
watchale Online   content
Pro Tracker

Registered: 02/18/10
Posts: 1799
Loc: Tx
Is 22 creedmoor brass available or do you have to shape it?

#6510177 - 10/24/16 11:10 PM Re: Another "What Caliber" Question. [Re: Ritter]
ChadTRG42 Online   happy
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 09/16/09
Posts: 9408
Loc: Lewisville, TX
Run a 22 cal with a fast 8" or 7" twist to push the heavy 80-90 grain bullets in a 22 Creedmoor or 22-250. That would be awesome!
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#6510238 - 10/25/16 05:50 AM Re: Another "What Caliber" Question. [Re: Ritter]
RiverRider Online   content
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 11/11/07
Posts: 6207
Loc: Wise Co.
Looks like you really don't NEED anything, but the .224 TTH is an interesting round. Not sure how tricky getting brass would be, though.

Originally Posted By: Cleric
God I am hating caliber threads more and more

#6510245 - 10/25/16 06:03 AM Re: Another "What Caliber" Question. [Re: Ritter]
Korean Redneck Online   content

Registered: 06/24/09
Posts: 2276
Loc: Houston
Based on your criteria and current selection, I think I'd go 22-250 if I were u. But then again I love that caliber and miss having one.

Is 2717 fps around the speeds others get for a 168gr bullet in a 280 typical? I thought it would be higher. Does the 280ai offer more speed?

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#6510259 - 10/25/16 06:18 AM Re: Another "What Caliber" Question. [Re: ChadTRG42]
FiremanJG Offline
THF Celebrity

Registered: 12/16/08
Posts: 17893
Loc: Wolfe City, TX
Originally Posted By: ChadTRG42
Run a 22 cal with a fast 8" or 7" twist to push the heavy 80-90 grain bullets in a 22 Creedmoor or 22-250. That would be awesome!

Exactly the first thing that came to my mind.

I have a 1:8" .22-250. We shoot a 75 gr A-Max 3200 MV. The 22 Creedmoor will best that by 100 fps, I believe. And if memory serves, you buy 6 Creedmoor brass, swap out bushings, and neck it down. You ought to see what it does to prairie dogs!

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#6510606 - 10/25/16 09:37 AM Re: Another "What Caliber" Question. [Re: rjd]
Tff caribou Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 08/27/12
Posts: 2996
Loc: Watauga, TX
Originally Posted By: rjd
Don't see a quarter bore in the list. Just a thought.

That's what I was thinking. .250 savage.
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#6510646 - 10/25/16 09:55 AM Re: Another "What Caliber" Question. [Re: Ritter]
QuitShootinYoungBucks Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 11/01/12
Posts: 6457
Loc: Lubbock, TX
.30 Nosler
.35 Whelen
.22 Creedmoor
Other fast-twist .22

#6510712 - 10/25/16 10:31 AM Re: Another "What Caliber" Question. [Re: Ritter]
redchevy Online   content
THF Celebrity

Registered: 10/25/04
Posts: 23385
Loc: Texas
Two completely different directions, but I would either do a fast twist 22-250 or something along the lines of a 45-70. You have distance covered I would probably go with an up close gun and lean to a lever gun of some kind.
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#6510846 - 10/25/16 11:43 AM Re: Another "What Caliber" Question. [Re: Ritter]
Brother in-law Offline
THF Celebrity

Registered: 07/08/07
Posts: 24467
For easy brass reasons the 22250 would be my pick

#6510890 - 10/25/16 12:06 PM Re: Another "What Caliber" Question. [Re: Ritter]
kmon1 Online   content

Registered: 09/27/06
Posts: 20287
Loc: Texas
As much as I like the 22-250, mine rarely leaves the safe after getting a 22-243, yes there is a performance difference. Brass for it is easy to find even though it is not factory loaded. Just run 243 brass through a FL sizing die and load it up.

The 22 Creedmoor brass can be from a few sources neck down one from the Creedmoor family or fireform the brass from 22-250 brass.

224 TTH like the 22-243 just run the parent brass through a FL sizing die and load it up.

Go with a 1:8 twist barrel for the 75 and 80gr bullets 1:7 if you want to run the 90gr ones. Of the 90gr bullets the Serria has a very thin jacket while the Berger has their thick target jacket and has to be above 3200fps for any accuracy at all from my 1:8 barrel.

In any of the 3 above you can run the 75 or 80gr bullets 3400 to 3500 fps and the lighter ones faster, quite a bit if you want to push it. Of course barrel life can become a concern to some as these are pretty over bore cartridges, but there is always some price for speed
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#6511009 - 10/25/16 01:14 PM Re: Another "What Caliber" Question. [Re: Ritter]
RedSnake Online   content
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 05/08/10
Posts: 2998
Loc: Dallas / Nolan County
6-06 ai

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