What has been done to this truck in the last few months.

1 – Heads removed re decked, and entire valve assembly replaced including cam shaft, lifters, valve stem seals, 5 exhaust valves, 1 intake valve and a new starter assembly and gaskets glow plug harnesses.
2- Replaced repaired high pressure oil pump
3- Repaired replaced turbo waste gate
4- EGR Valve Replaced
5- New Fan Clutch Assembly
6- New #2 Glow Plug Assembly
7- New Front brake liners
8- New Fuel Pump Assembly
9- New Fuel Filter Kit
10- New Secondary Filter Cap

$6000.00 Cash ...I have the title. It currently has a check engine light on, but is running great. We have spent the money to get this thing going. I am not afraid of offers.

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