Fishing with Ty Kleeb we managed to land another 7 foot Alligator gar on a remote river in Texas. This fish makes the 18th gar over 100 pounds i have landed during 2016 and the seventh alligator gar over 7 foot this year.
Going to keep fishing for them till they won't eat for me anymore due to the cold weather on the way, I'm still trying to reach my goal of 25 gar over 100 pounds for 2016.

We are 100% catch and release on rod/reel only. you will never see us a kill an alligator gar, we are 100% dedicated to seeing these awesome fish swim away each and every time we have an amazing encounter with one of them.

Going to keep trying to upload footage of big gar for you guys, when they won't eat because its too cold i will try to switch over to hunting for catfish in the 50-100 pound range through winter and maybe some saltwater videos.