I'm not offering this pistol for sale, I like it too much. However, I do have a narrow trade interest. This pistol is an excellent condition Colt M45A1 .45 1911 Government Model with rail. It is Desert Sand Cerakote finish. This is the Colt Number 01070M45 in the original blue box with paperwork and 2 black Wilson Combat mags. The 01070M45 blue box M45A1 is the one that is closest to the pistol provided to the US Marines. Both are pulled from the factory production lines unlike the Pelican case guns which go thru the Colt Custom Shop. Though MARSOC recently chose to go with the Glock 19 instead of this pistol, it is still used by Marine Recon and SRT. This pistol will also come with the Bullseye Holsters custom Kydex holster pictured.

As I mentioned, my trade interest is narrow. I would be interested in a nice Colt preban SP1 or SP2 AR15 carbine. Must be an original carbine, not a put together. The original green label box would be nice but isn't required. I'm looking to do an even trade. PM or email elbattey@verizon.net me with pics of what you have. I'd prefer to do a FTF in the North Dallas area (I'm in Plano) but may ship with us each paying shipping for our guns.