This one is a piece of history and a bit uncommon. This is an Interdynamic KG-99 9mm pistol - a so called pre-ban "assault weapon". It is in very good condition. Interdynamic was a company founded in Sweden by Goerge Kelgren. He and a man named Garcia began production of the open bolt KG-9 which the ATF quickly put the no no on. The closed bolt KG-99 was the result. It is the pre-cursor to the TEC industries TEC 9. When Kelgren left Interdynamic to found Kel-Tec in 1989 Garcia continued making the gun under the TEC Industries brand as the TEC 9. The KG 99 was by all accounts a better gun as Kelgren was responsible for quality control. This is a mid 80's weapon. It comes with a rare original Interdynamic assault case which houses the pistol, 2 original 32 round 9mm magazines, and a barrel shroud which you can hold while firing the gun. The price for the package is $550.

The KG99 is SPF. Thanks, Earl

First to say they take it, gets it I do have it cross listed. I prefer to do a FTF in the North Dallas area (I am in Plano). However, I will ship to an FFL that will receive from an individual for an additional $25. I can be reached via PM or email me at


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