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#6489128 - 10/10/16 11:50 AM Testing the 6.5/136L Scenar
JTPinTX Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 04/01/15
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Loc: TX Panhandle
On Thursday I went for a checkup with my Doc who did my shoulder surgery, and he finally gave me a green light for any rifle I wanted to shoot (short of magnums). For the last month I have only been cleared for the 223 and 243. Prior to that it has been nothing for at least 2.5 months. Prone shooting has been very limited because of the specific tendons I had torn and the range of motion I am trying to recover. I designed some specific stretches just for prone shooting and have finally gotten to the point I can hold that position without too much trouble, but I wasn't sure how I would hold up to repeated recoil. Turns out it handled 75 rounds of prone shooting just fine.

Since my good friend from Lubbock was coming up for his nieces wedding, I took that as a sign to get the 6.5 Creed out so we could go bang some steel. I had worked up a new load using the Scenar 136L before surgery but had not shot it on steel at any kind of significant distance. I wanted to check it and see if long range performance held up the the short range grouping tests.

Saturday morning conditions were near perfect for checking that out. You don't get many days up here on the plains where the wind doesn't blow. We started out about 60 degrees and a couple mph on wind. Joe also had a 155 TMK load for his 308 he had been shooting at 600 that he wanted to test and see if it held up out far. We cut straight to the chase and set up a full size IDPA at 1355 yards. We also set a 2/3 IDPA at 667 so I could do initial checks on my new 100 SGK load for my 243.

Joe's initial dope for the 155 TMK was way low, my initial dope for the 136L was high. I walked down from the top, and him up from the bottom. By round 3 I was on steel and ringing it consistently. Shooter was calling for 15.2 mil elevation, but I ended up at 13.6 being dead on. According to the app I was going trans-sonic at 1280 yards, but that Scenar was still shooting very consistent at 1355, not acting goofy at all. I have shot the Hornady 140 BTHPM at that same distance and they start falling apart past 1275 or so. Once I had the dope dialed on the Scenar I was ringing it every shot.

I put half-dozen rounds on steel at 667 with my 243 and both my 100 SMK deer load and my 87 VMAX coyote load. Both performed very well for just a factory Remington 700 action in a $200 Stocky LR stock. First round hits for both loads.

Shooting position for 1355:

1355 target:

.243 in the Stocky's stock with a cerakote job I did last week:

Since the road going down to the steel was washed out pretty bad and we didn't want to tear it up worse, we decided to pick up and move to a second location. The wind was starting to blow just a little so we swapped directions 180 for a different wind call and also so we could quit shooting into the sun. We set up an 8" round at 475 for shooting off sticks, a 2/3 IDPA at 825 on a hill that typically has a rather nasty wind bounce, and the full size IDPA at 1055. Using our corrections from 1355, we were both on steel very quickly, firming the dope up.

My observations on the Scenar 136L is that the .282 G7 BC is probably a bit conservative, or at least it is not overstated for sure, as many bullet companies do. I really wish Brian Litz would test this bullet and do a BC breakdown by velocity like he has for many other bullets in his book. All of his data I have used that was done that way has been spot on for me. I bumped my velocity from 2840 to 2880, and the BC from .282 to .286, and that makes the dope line up pretty good at all distances except 1355, where it is still trying to call for too much correction. I need to shoot the 1300+ again to verify and make sure that is not an anomality. I will also double check the zero just to make sure there are no issues there, but overall I am very impressed with how the 136L flies, especially down in the trans-sonic zone. My initial inputs in Shooter indicated trans-sonic at around 1270, after corrections about 1300. I was shooting beyond that and the bullet was still behaving very well.

Joe was not impressed with the 155 TMK. Shooting it prior at distances from 600-800 he had thought it held promise, but once he started getting out to a grand and beyond it just would not hold up to the ballistics of the 175 Berger he had been shooting.

Shooting position at second location:

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#6489451 - 10/10/16 03:35 PM Re: Testing the 6.5/136L Scenar [Re: JTPinTX]
JTPinTX Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 04/01/15
Posts: 339
Loc: TX Panhandle
After doing some researching today, it appears Applied Ballistics uses a G7 BC of .288 for the Scenar 136L instead of the .272 G7 supplied by Lapua. If I put that number in and change my velocity back to the 2840 that I originally felt was correct, the data lines up very well at all distances except 1355. I feel much better about that tweak and will go back out and re-verify a couple more times at various distances.

#6489459 - 10/10/16 03:45 PM Re: Testing the 6.5/136L Scenar [Re: JTPinTX]
RiverRider Online   content
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That's great shooting. I'll bet you're glad to knock the rust off!

I'm here to give and receive knowledge, not affirmation or adoration. If you don't like it, mierda dura. Intellectual honesty is not for fragile egos.


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