I'm reluctantly doing this, but I just don't shoot this gun enough to leave it in the safe so much. I'm about to buy a bow for my dad, so I figured I'd try to free up some funds.

Gun has had about 100 rounds through it (if that). In excellent condition. Comes with original case/manual, and both magazines.

I'm also including a little over 800 rounds of ammo, which (as you know) is HARD to find these days. **I will NOT sell ammo by itself unless the gun sells first.

I'm not really interested in "advice" on the price, as I'm confident you won't find a package like this anywhere else;)b, and I don't really HAVE to sell it. If you have a serious offer, PLEASE SEND PM. Not interested in trades unless it's a running 4-wheelercool, a nice 2014 or newer bow setup, or something super cool.

$650 for everything FTF in Brady SOLD!


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