Some of you might of seen that a few weeks ago my dad was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure and is now on dialysis. This has changed things in many more ways than just a cancelled elk hunt. I say this only to create some understanding that the discounted rates is all he can afford to do.

This is a 5 day elk hunt in Weston, CO, and all on private land. This a 2nd rifle season hunt and tags are over the counter ($625ish). Lodging, meals, guide and care of animal is all included. I've been hunting with this outfitter for several years and always come back happy. This hunt retails at $4,500 but due to my annual commitment to this outfitter the hunt was discounted to $4,000.

My dad has already paid $2,000 of the $4,000 and he is willing to discount his deposit to $1,500. In total this would be $3,500 ($1,500 to my dad and $2,000 to the outfitter). The season is Oct 22-31.

I will be going on the 23rd and if someone wants to ride with me they are more than welcome too. In addition I have property 1 hour west and will most likely do some fly fishing and this person would also be welcome to join me. Please PM me for any details or visit his webpage.

Thanks and God Bless!!