Ever wanted to hunt Predators in Iowa? Here's your chance! Most outfitters charge $600+ for a 2 day Predator hunt without a place to stay. This hunt includes two rooms and breakfast.

Only $150/day per hunter! Bring your 18 and under son/daughter for free under 18 hunting license is only $32! Includes breakfast, two rooms, bait (legally harvested deer guts/ribs), and call. I'll be there the entire time and will show you the best places to hunt/call. If you reserve a date you'll be the only one hunting during those dates, no other hunters will be on the property.

GROUPS (three or more, five max) If you kill at least two coyotes as a group the price for the day will be $300 TOTAL.

GROUPS (three or more, five max) If you kill at least four coyotes the price for the day will be $250 TOTAL.

This hunt will take place on over 1,500 acres of private ground in Southwest Iowa. Lots of coyotes! Hasn't been hunted in over 6 years for Coyotes! We have killed the ones that have gotten too close to the farm house.

January 11th - 20th only!

Would like to see 30+ coyotes shot during those dates.

Bobcats and Red Fox on all farms, way more rare but possible.

You'll either need a nonresident fur harvester/habitat annual for $213 to hunt Bobcat, Red Fox, Raccoons, Cottontail Rabbits, Coyote, Groundhog, etc good from January 11th 2017 - January 10th 2018. We can raccoon call if time allows!


a Nonresident hunting/habitat (age 18 and over) annual for $123. Good from Jan. 11 2017 - Jan. 10th 2018. Good for Coyote and groundhog only.

Depends on your state too you may be limited to only hunting coyotes and groundhog.

"Nonresident furharvesters wanting to purchase an Iowa nonresident Furharvester License may do so only if their state of residence also sells a nonresident Furharvester/Trapping License to Iowa residents."

$50 per hunter deposit to hold your dates.

Calls Provided, spotlighting is illegal but night vision is legal.

Legally harvested deer guts and ribs will be used as bait for this hunt too. Four bait sites with trail cameras.

Normally don't keep coyote trail camera pictures but here's a few...


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